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NanoViricides Inc. (NNVC)

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NanoViricides, Inc (NNVC)

Company Address:
135 Wood St, Suite 200
West Haven, CT 06516
Phone:  203-937-6137
Fax:  203-859-5095
CIK:  0001379006
NanoViricides, Inc. is a development stage company with a unique nanomedicine technology. The Company is developing nanotechnology-based biomimetic anti-viral medicines, that we call "nanoviricides®". 
A "nanoviricide" is an antiviral agent designed by the Company to fool a virus into attaching to this agent in the same way that the virus normally attaches to receptors on a cell surface. Once attached, the flexible nanoviricide glob would wrap around the virus and trap it. In the process, the virus could lose its coat proteins that it needs to bind to a cell. The virus is thus neutralized and effectively destroyed. Nanoviricides are designed to complete the task of dismantling the virus particle without immune system assistance.
Thus nanoviricides represent the next great advance in "Immunotherapeutics" (antibodies and vaccines,) the well established antiviral strategies. Viruses have developed smart strategies to derail immune system function. This results in failure of antibodies and vaccines.
The nanoviricide technology attempts to circumvent virus escape that results from natural changes in virus structure. Despite all such changes, the cell receptor to which a virus binds remains the same. Nanoviricides mimic this conserved feature of virus binding to its host cell receptor. If a virus "escapes" a properly designed nanoviricide, it would have a reduced ability to attach to the cell receptor and would have become much less pathogenic in the process.
Recent News:

Micrographic images of nanoviricide micelles in action against Murine Cytomegalovirus:

SEC Filings:
Share Structure:  See SEC filings for current share structure
Investor Relations:
Amanda Schuon, 310-550-7200


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