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HyperSolar, Inc. (HYSR)

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USING SUNLIGHT TO MAKE RENEWABLE HYDROGENH2Generator System options for Consumer and Industrial ApplicationsHyperSolar: Sun + Water = Renewable Hydrogen

Nanotechnology: Renewable Syngas

Joint Center For Artificial Photosynthesis
Sponsored Research Agreement

HyperSolar H2Generator

Renewable Hydrogen

on demand, on site

High / Low Pressure Systems

Direct Pipeline Injection

Any H2O feedstock

[Fresh, Sea, Industrial, Organic]

Eliminates Electrolyzer

Scalable Production Capacity

Customizable Chemical Catylst Materials

Joint Patent Holdings Holdings with

The Regents Of The University Of California,

University of California, Santa Barbara

Nadir Dagli, Ronald Petkie,

University of Iowa, Hydroscience & Engineering,

Syed Mubeen Jawahar Hussaini,

Tim Young, Eric McFarland,

Nirala Singh, Joun LeeMartin Moskovits

Photosynthetic Cell

Patented Polymer Coating


H2Generator Vesles

[Utility Scale Applications]

H2Generator Vessles

H2Generator Roofmount Panels

Large Scale Prototype 2016

HyperSolar H2Generator [PAH Reactor Technology]

Large Scale, Inexpensive, Hybrid Organic-Inorgnic Solar To Chemical Energy

24x7 Renewable
Power Plants

24x7 Renewable

Fuel Cell

Solar and Wind electricity are intermittent. As a result renewable power plants can not perform reliably as a standalone utility scale power plant.

Electrolysis is prohibited from being the current standard of energy storage technology due issues of cost as well as limited system-level efficency.

HyperSolar H2Generator at a utility scale facilitates low cost conversion of large areas of solar energy into hydrogen for concentrated storage.

100% renewable hydrogen powered electricity can be produced through utility scale fuel cells - 24x7.
With sunlight and water readily available in most parts of the wordl, the HyperSolar H2Generator™ can connect to a conventional fuel cell, creating an off grid 24x7 renewable electricity generator.

In Daytime solar energy is stored as hydrogen. At any time day or night, stored Hydrogen can be converted to electricity through the fuel cell.

The achievement of 24x7 available renewable energy is solved with solar based renewable hydrogen.

The number and size of reactor vessles can be scaled to meet demands of the end user, which could be a house, an apartment, an office building, or a small community.
Motor Vehicles consume the majority share  of petroleum in the U.S. and create 60% of carbon monoxide emissions, as well as 20% of greenhouse gas emissions.

Problems are growing exponentially with world demand for personal and mass transit increasing with population.

Battery Electric Vehicles source electricity from fossil fuel plants which burn coal or natural gas from non-renewable sources.

Our Photoelectrochemical Systems (PEC) are paving the way for Hydrogen as a transporation fuel by eliminating the cost of Distribution via onsite generation.

Hydrogen Fueling Stations

Natural Gas

One of the biggest problems with the hydrogen car vision is the lack of hydrogen fueling stations, and the cost to build such an infrastructure is enormous. However, by using the HyperSolar H2Generator, standalone fueling stations can build and operated one by one along any highway where there is water and sunlight. During the day, solar energy can be stored as hydrogen in the HyperSolar H2Generator, which is connected to individual fueling stations. The reactor vessels and storage tanks can be sized appropriately to accommodate the local traffic volume. In this manner, a large distributed renewable hydrogen production infrastructure can be built with minimal capital risk.

The renewable hydrogen produced by the HyperSolar H2Generator can be easily reacted with carbon dioxide (CO2) to produce a carbon neutral and renewable methane (CH4) under a well-known reaction called the Sabatier reaction.

CO2 + 4H2 -> CH4 + 2H2O

This renewable methane is essentially pipeline ready natural gas and can be used as a direct replacement for traditional natural gas to power the world, without fracking, drilling or CO2 emissions.

Breakthrough Nanotechnology for Making Renewable Hydrogen

Patent Protected Technologies

Patent Number US 20120006382 A1: Thin and flat solarcollector-concentrator

A photonics-based planar solar concentrator designed for collecting and guiding insolate radiation from one side to solar cells for energy conversion on another side is described. The planar solar concentrator consists of two sections. The top section is a matrix of micro-size wide angle solar concentrators. The bottom section is a planar lightwave circuit, which may be multi-layered. Planar lightwave circuits are used within a relatively thin cross-sectional thickness to guide light from micro-concentrators to output apertures on the opposite surface, such that solar cells can be located directly underneath the concentrator. The planar concentrator can deliver multiple times the normal sunlight intensity to standard silicon solarcells, thereby decreasing the number of cells required in a typical solar module. This planar solar concentrator is designed for use as the top optical layer of a standard flat panel solar module. The concentrator collects light from a relatively wide angle of incidence, and can therefore eliminate the need for active tracking.
Inventors Nadir Dagli, Ronald Petkie
Assignee HyperSolar, Inc.

Patent Number WO 2014039905 A1: Process and systems for stable operation of electroactive devices

Disclosed is a polymer coating that can be used to stabilize the operation of electroactive devices. The coating can be electrically conductive and optically transparent. The coating can be a polymer such as PEDOT : PSS, and the polymer can be doped or undoped. The coating can help facilitate PEC and PS reactions that form electrical energy or other chemicals. The coating can additionally be used for coating other electroactive devices.
Inventors Syed Mubeen Jawahar Hussaini, Tim Young, Eric McFarland,
Nirala Singh, Joun Lee,
Martin Moskovits
Assignee HyperSolar, Inc. & The Regents Of The University Of California

Investor Relations Firm

Corporate Office (New)

Corporate Office (Old)

HyperSolar, Inc.
32 E. Micheltorena
Suite A
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
United States
HyperSolar, Inc.
510 Castillo
Suite 304
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
United States

Phone: (805) 966-6566


))=(( Share Structure ))=((

Shares Outstanding - 476.85M (per Yahoo Finance, on 6/29/15)

Authorized Shares - 1,000,000,000

Number of Floating Shares - 432.04M (per Yahoo Finance, on 6/29/15)


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