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Good Gaming, Inc. (GMER)

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Good Gaming, Inc.

Stock Symbol: GMER


AS 2,000,000,000

OS 1,995,290,000

Good Gaming Retains Professional ESPORTS Team F2K; Enlists Streamers To Facilitate Viral Marketing Strategy

Good Gaming Engages Shark Tank Investor Kevin Harrington; Hires Consulting Firm to Promote Awareness
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Good Gaming Inc. is designed to engage the surging 500 million+ active gamers worldwide as the premiere eSports content provider for the active casual gamer all the way

through the professionals.


Now publishers and game developers have a vehicle to create exclusive eSports content for their target audience. So those who live for the latest game releases such as Call of

Duty,  World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Star Craft 2, Battlefield  and Halo will find this a superb training ground and pathway to enhance their gaming skills.

These eSports tools will help serious gamers bridge the gap between casual gaming and the highly coveted, professionally paid eSports athletes. It features quality video

content, written guides, enhanced forums and other learning media by veteran players.


Expanding on the impact Good Gaming will have on the industry, Chief Gamer Sam Schweiters explains, "We will offer social networking avenues for organized gaming

associations (teams, guilds, clans,leagues) to create, form, support, groups of top level players to capture prizes and notoriety in the virtual community in a more predictable

way and provide a platform for publishers and game developers to create exclusive eSports content for their target audience. Our entry will create a more robust and

satisfying competitive game experience by introducing a proprietary matchmaking system for top level gamers beyond the current simple linear ranking system. We will

also offer innovative tournaments and other organized competitions across multiple gaming platforms and multiple gaming consoles worldwide."




February 26, 2016

Good morning, good afternoon, or goodnight to all of you attending Good Gaming’s first 
investor update call, depending on where you are right now. I can’t pinpoint a time-zone for 
you, because Good Gaming has customers and shareholders from over 40 countries. What’s 
more, we have a business that now addresses the over 205 million online players across the 
entire planet participating in the eco-system now called “eSports”. These gamers are mostly 
amateurs, and many yearn to compete for cash prizes and points so they can turn pro. We 
have developed an infrastructure and an online destination that meets their needs. No one 
else has what we have to offer these players. 

My name is Vik Grover, and I am CEO of the Company. Joining me today is Michael Beckford, 
CPO (Chief Product Officer). You’ll hear from Mike later. We also have Don Wilson, co-founder 
and Architect of the platform, our other employees, our Board of Directors and our major 
stakeholders listening. 
Regarding my background, I wanted to give you a brief overview. I spent 20 years on Wall 
Street, first as a Communications Services analyst around the time of the Telecom Act of 1996, 

later as a Director of Research for a boutique investment bank, and then as an investment 
banker focused on Communications, Digital Media, and Technology. Since 1996, I have seen 
the rise, fall and rebirth of those industries, and witnessed billions of dollars invested and 
substantial wealth created as the boundaries between voice, data, media, and content have all 
converged. Last July, I realized I wanted to create something that had true value, something 
that could capitalize on this convergence I have tracked, brokered, and banked for my entire 
Soon after I left investment banking, I met the Chairman of the Board and CEO of the owner of 
Good Gaming, Glenn Laken of CMG Holdings Group. We began to discuss the rolling out of 
Good Gaming into its own stand-alone company. We discussed how it would be much easier to 
raise capital if Good Gaming was spun-out from the holding company. Further, Glenn and I 
agreed that Good Gaming needed its own public vehicle. Glenn’s view was that CMGO was not 
getting any value for Good Gaming, and that the only way to attract capital to the business was 
as a pure-play stand-alone company. Enter the HDSI vehicle which many of you are trading or 
holding now. My banking relationship with HDSI’s past management helped me connect HDSI 
with CMGO and Good Gaming, and after months of negotiations, analysis, and work, we 
completed a merger of Good Gaming and HDSI roughly one week ago. In my opinion, this is a 
win-win-win for everyone. 
Here’s why I am so bullish on this deal: 
Good Gaming is the most exciting investment opportunity to come across my desk in my career. 
Not that I was lucky enough to see Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or Instagram, or other wellknown names. But when I analyzed this company’s model it hit me. Good Gaming 
combines some of the best features of all of these businesses, but its model is even better. I 
have spoken to some of my deepest industry contracts, and they agree the model is ideal. 
Good Gaming has a differentiated, carrier-class platform capable of supporting 100,000, and as 
high as 500,000, competitors in pay-to-play online tournaments. It has a substantial 
addressable market of 205MM online gamers – according to Activision Blizzard - that is growing 
at a rate of 20%-30% per year. This audience includes gamers that are amateurs and have 
nowhere to compete with other gamers for cash nor do they have a means of turning pro. 
Good Gaming has no direct competition for massive scale competitions. Yes, there are myriad 
local tournaments, often sponsored by major brands, but no real scale platform exists today 
and competes with us. We have the world’s premiere games publisher as a partner already, 
and that publisher is so bullish on our model that they put us up on their launcher page for days 
at no cost, to promote our tournaments. So there is no confusion, we announced three titles 
last week, all published by A*B*. So there is no confusion, our initial alliance partner is in fact 
A*B*. Again, I state, our partner is A*B*, which recently bought a global mobile games 
company and now boasts 500MM gamers as customers worldwide. A*B* is our initial alliance 
partner though we are not exclusive to them. 

In 2014, Good Gaming’s 1.0 platform had already run the world’s largest online amateur 
eSports tournament of its kind. We have a patent pending system that may give us long-term 
sustainable competitive advantage and a barrier to potential new entrants if we perfect it. 
Good Gaming has a model that can go viral, generate sticky recurring revenues, generate 
substantial transactional revenues, and attract advertising and sponsorships. And last, Good 
Gaming’s model, when functioning properly, is basically a prepaid model, whereby recurring 
subscription fees, transaction revenues, and sponsorships pay the expenses before they are 
even incurred. Oh one other thing, our model is scalable, generates high incremental margins, 
and has a trendline that should show accelerating top line, improving margins, and increasing 
revenue per subscriber over time. All of these metrics were exhibited by the most successful 
tech companies I covered as an analyst and banker back in the peak of the telecom and markets. 

eSports Market Commentary 
The eSports market has been very active, especially over the past few months. Late last year, 
our ally – again so you are not confused by our PR on Wednesday – is A*B* - launched its own 
eSports division and hired the former CEO of ESPN as its chief. ESPN itself has launched eSports 
coverage, as has Yahoo! Activision Blizzard made a statement with its acquisition of Major 
League Gaming last month, giving them coveted access to the pro eSports circuit. One by one, 
we are seeing colleges starting to offer eSports scholarships, while pro athletes and acclaimed 
investors are buying eSports teams to position themselves for the future. So the market is 
simply on fire. So there is no doubt, Good Gaming is in the right place and at the right time, 
and lightning is striking – not once, not twice, but many times in our favor. 

Investor Update 
Two days ago, Good Gaming announced that it had secured slots for 9 tournaments this SpringSummer. 
Titles to be featured include Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and Call of Duty
These three titles represent active gamers of over 150MM, meaning we already will address ¾ 
of the 205MM amateur gamers in the world with our rollout. While we have not pinpointed 
the exact dollar amounts of these competitions, it’s safe to assume a range of $5,000 - $25,000 
per tournament, with larger prize pools near the end of the summer in a couple of series 
finales. We also intend to run some mini tournaments next month, almost a prelaunch test if 
you will, to make sure the platform is well oiled and any kinks are worked out prior to going 
into full production. 
On other news, we intend to bring the HDSI vehicle current shortly, meaning within the next 6 
weeks. We also intend to file for a name change and ticker change in the near-term. A number 
of you have asked about our authorized shares and plans for a reverse split. At present, we 
have no plans to execute on either, but they may be revisited later this year only if we think it 
makes sense for our shareholders and not as a means of generating dilutive financing. I can 
assure you, not only have we not issued one share of common stock to any investor, but also 

we have removed toxic debt from the balance sheet and raised capital in fixed price securities 
with institutional and high net worth technology investors that we believe will be holders of 
Good Gaming securities through this new chapter in GG’s public life. We have good working 
relationships with these new investors, who have pledged to allow us to place any of their 
securities, if they ever seek liquidity, into friendly hands, which could include the treasury of 
Good Gaming itself. I have known some of these investors for many years, in some cases over a 
decade. Like me, they are here for the long-term. 

Model Discussion 
Now let’s get down to some math. While these are not projections, I want to illustrate to you 
how powerful the Good Gaming model is. I want to run 3-4 scenarios by you, so grab your pens 
or prepare to type. 
First, our model has multiple revenues streams. 1)-subscriptions, which you can assume for 
now at roughly $6-$9/month depending on where we end up pricing the product with 
incentives, promotions, and other; 2)-tournament entries, which we estimate subscribers will 
pay anywhere from $6-$9/tournament although frankly I think this can range a lot higher as the 
business matures; 3)-purchases of Good Gaming credits to use in our Mercenary System, which 
we believe will range between $5-$10/month, though we have no data to backup this 
prediction; and 4) advertising, which is hard to pin down since our members may spend days 
and days on our site versus social networking sites which get 5-10 minutes a day per user, but 
let’s call that for now another $2/month with potential upside. That adds up to roughly $20- 
$25/month per subscriber. For many reasons I believe these numbers could be conservative 
and over time I predict the results will bear out a higher yield as our site gets populated. But 
for our math next, I will use $20/month per month per subscriber. 
Scenario 1: We have about 100K followers of our Twitter feed. $100K x $20/month = $2MM in 
monthly revenues or a $24MM run rate company. Let’s round up to $25MM because 
sometimes people will just play a tournament and not subscribe, for whatever reason. 
Dot.Com’s of that revenue scale typically get lower multiples of 2x-4x, so that’s a $50-100MM 
market cap. company. This is something within reach of our business today, based on the 9 
tournament slots and our existing followers on Twitter. It may prove conservative. 
Scenario 2: In 2014, the 1.0 platform held a tournament for Hearthstone that was up on the 
burner page for 7-8 days, generating 300K hits. We were promised 14 days but were cut short 
due to a scheduling issue. Let’s run with 300K hits, which we believe we could have converted 
to subscribers if our parent had not run into difficulties and we had been able to run multiple 
additional tournaments as we are positioned now over a year later. 300K x $20/month = 
$6MM per month or $72MM per year, rounding up to $75MM for players that do not subscribe 
for whatever reason. Dot.Com’s of that scale get a revenue multiple of 4x-6x, which would 
make Good Gaming a $300-400MM market cap company. 

Scenario 3: Using a conservative ½% share of the 205MM amateur gamer market worldwide as 
a base case, that suggests roughly 1.0 million subscribers. 1.0MM x $20/month = $20 million 
per month or $240 million per year. Again this excludes gamers who do not subscribe to our 
site and just show up to play tournaments without subscribing. Let’s call that $10MM a year of 
annual revenue which may be conservative. At ½% share of the worldwide market, this 
suggests Good Gaming will generate $250MM in annual revenues, and at that scale we project 
significant double digit cash flow margins. Multiples applied to Internet companies of that scale 
range from 5x-10x, suggesting a valuation of $1.25-$2.5BN. 
I wanted to give you a fourth and fifth scenario, targeting 1% of today’s market, ranging up to 
10% of a 300MM gamer market in 2-3 years with higher monthly revenues per subscriber of 
$50. I was told by Mr. Laken I couldn’t go that far, **BUT** I have given you the metrics off 
which you can make your own model at least as far as revenues go. I want to point out that I 
believe this is a rising ARPU situation, where the $20/month/subscriber will rise to $50 or more. 
When we are running 10-20-30+ tournaments a week for multiple titles, multiple publishers, 
the numbers are going to get staggering. And I want to make one other point, my scenarios DO 
NOT include any B2B deals for licensing or white label, whereby we can take our model to a 
colleges and universities or a broad range of institutions, and offer them the chance to run their 
own competitions. That’s where the math gets even more nutty. But you have to imagine 
what that could be worth – Good Gaming could become the backend for eSports tournaments 
for major channel partners. The upside is staggering and if I say any more you’re going to think 
it is just silly. But it’s all there and I am happy to debate it with any of you. At the current stock 
price, it would be hard to argue against the upside potential. So that’s all of my prepared 
remarks, let’s go to Q&A. We have taken a number of questions from the Web… 
Q: What’s going to be your new business name? A: Good Gaming, Inc. 
Q: What’s going to be your new ticker symbol? A: We will request GGGG, but the outcome will 
be up to FINRA and then the Board of Directors will make a decision. 
Q: Do you plan on increasing the A/S and/or doing a reverse split of your stock? A: Not 
presently, and if we ever pursued either it would be for the benefit of the shareholders, not to 
dilute them and injure the stock. 
Q: If an increase does occur, it won’t be effected for a long period of time right and you aren't 
looking to dilute shares either? A: We do not want to dilute our shareholders, our goal is to 
increase the valuation and raise money at higher and higher prices. 
Q: Someone had mentioned FanDuel as well being a part of this, can you elaborate on that? A: 
We are not a fantasy sports platform, we are a pay-to-play tournament platform for eSports 
and a destination site for social networking and gaming engine for gamers. 

Q: I am assuming with all this good news now, investors can expect more press in the near 
future for weeks to come since you guys launch in April? A: We expect to announce each of our 
upcoming nine tournaments Spring-Summer 2016 and any other relevant news as it becomes 
Q: Have you been able to secure any sponsors for the tournaments at this time and if so who? 
A: We are working with a number of global brands that are actively looking at advertising in the 
eSports universe. 
Q: What is there for toxic debt at this time and how will it be handled. A: We settled with the 
larger of the two toxic lenders, who cut their debt from $100K to $25K and invested $100K in 
new monies all at a fixed price with lock-up and leak-out provisions which we can manage to 
mitigate dilution. The smaller lender who is owed $50K has agreed to sell their paper to a party 
friendly to Good Gaming, which when completed will mean the public entity HDSI will have no 
toxic debt whatsoever.



With the majority of the critical testing phase complete we spent 2015 building our 2.0 platform. The major difference between 1.0 and 2.0 is what we call “ACES” (automation, consistency, efficiency, and scalability). Platform 2.0 will bring with it automation which will allow Good Gaming to hold tournaments of much greater size and frequency. Platform 2.0 will also see the release of the patent pending “Mercenary System” which will be the starting place for gamers to begin forging those critical labor based interactions in an economically feasible way. Platform 2.0 will also provide more consistent tools and standardized services that amateur gamers will use now and into the future to manage their growing eSports lifestyle. Platform 2.0 will also usher in tools and services for testing and utilizing information concerning data capture, security, time management, anonymity, user feedback, and community driven initiatives. These tools and services will be deployed for the express purpose of future proofing our concept and allowing for the platform to be white labeled in the future. 
While the exciting news about our upcoming tournaments is valid, behind the scenes the founders believe what is even more compelling is the first of its kind core systems and features that we are designing. These features will not only satisfy millions of gamers but will allow us to play a critical leadership role in the inevitable breakout of the amateur gaming space that will drive hundreds of billions of dollars in economic activity in the near future. 

Q: What makes our platform different from other gaming platforms
A: Simply put, it’s our approach, proprietary systems, target market, standardization, and structure. All other platforms that have any similar concepts we employ are narrowly focused on a specific game, demographic, or have limited scope in nature. We aim to be the destination site for amateur gamer’s that provide the majority of the tools and services that are necessary for them to become better gamers and in many instances find their path to becoming a professional eSports athlete. We expect that in the future gamers will start their day by accessing our site and interact with our community dozens of times throughout the day. This will allow our site and community to be an indispensable asset for the amateur gamer that will forge deep roots that are critical for a successful platform to grow and expand into the future.





Good Gaming website:

On Twitter:


On Facebook:






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