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              Does anyone here make a living from day trading/investing?



GOOD TRADERS FORUM boards for everyone with teamwork of traders spend a disproportionate amount of time and effort trying to find the right stock. In other words, we'll explore the art of stock-picking - selecting stocks based on a certain set of criteria, with the aim of achieving a rate of return that is greater than the market's overall average.

GOOD TRADERS FORUM is a place for ALL to share and build research and due diligence. We dedicated to identifying stock plays that have real potential and a compelling story which suggest high returns potential for active investor.

This is not a forum for recommending stocks to buy or sell. It is for information sharing only.


1- All posts must follow the TOS-TERM of service rules.
A few simple rules to follow:
1: You cannot discuss other posters or try to attack them. TOU still is applied here.
2: Be mature and respect the DD that is done regardless of what you think of it.
3: We do not give advice for buying or selling the stock you are interested in. 

    Disclaimer: All statements made on this forum are the opinion of the author of the post.
                   Please try to back up all statements with as much evidence to support your opinion as
                   No one is responsible for your gains or losses in the market except you.
                   Following stocks, strategies discussed on this board, you may LOSE ALL YOUR MONEY.
                   Please do due diligence before buying or selling ANY SECURITY in the open market, there are
                       no guarantees.

Cannabis Stocks News
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