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MotopedAPT MotoVox Wins
Rookie of the Year at 2014 AIMExpo
Motovox has a history of product sales with retailers such as Sears, Kmart, Sears Hometown Stores, Pep Boys, Amazon and many regional farm and home retailers from coast to coast.
Motovox ALSO has MULTIPLE ONLINE RETAILERS offering products.
American Performance Technologies
8844 Hillcrest Rd
Kansas City, MO 64138
(816) 767-8783

APT Group, Inc. comprised of American Performance Technologies, LLC, APT Powersport & Utility Products, LLC, APT IP Holdings, LLC and APT Real Estate, LLC, will be the only entities that remain a part of FROZ.
                                 Most Recent News:                                           
10/20/2014 - APT MotoVox Wins Rookie of the Year at 2014 AIMExpo
10/16/2014 - Motoped Video From 2014 AIMEXPO
10/15/2014 - Pictures From The 2014 AIMExpo
10/06/2014 - APT Launces NEW Online Store -
09/15/2014 - 8-K/a FILED:
09/12/2014 - 8-K FILED:

The iBox does not contain every bit of information about APT or all that has happend since March 2014, so each individual is encourage to conduct their own due diligence in understanding the progress and timeline from March 2014 to YTD. There is a good chunck captured in the iBox; however, it may not answer every question. Please be sure to review the Press Release Section Below and review any SEC Filings, etc. I thank you for your time in reviewing the material.... bsdvs23 (B!)

HUGE InstaWebgram(s) Following for MotoPeds!  Wow (see this link):

CEO Interview (A must listen!) 5/22/2014:

APT MotoVox Group, Inc. Announces Acquisition of MotoPeds
Betcha those zombies will want this bike more than the rider's brains!

Facebook Pages:


Share Structure
(As of May 9, 2014)

Authorized Shares:
Common: 20B (since 2011)
Preferred: 500M

Issued and Outstanding: 6,052,367,975  (As of August 18, 2014)
On May 9, 2014, the Company obtained the approval of the Authorized Amendment by written consent of the stockholders that are the record owners of 370,255,528 shares of common stock and 17,575,239 shares of Series E Convertible Preferred Stock which represents an aggregate of approximately 61% of the voting power as of May 9, 2014.

Preferred Shares (A, B, C & E):
No Class A issues or outstanding
500K Class B (Old FROZ Mgmt)
19,738,646 Class C
22,155,729 Class E

The names of the shareholders of record who hold in the aggregate a majority of our total issued and outstanding common stock and Series E Convertible Preferred Stock and who signed the written consent of stockholders are: (i) Troy A. Covey holding of record 75,000,000 shares of common stock and 10,323,868 shares of Series E Convertible Preferred stock (35%); (ii) William P. Maher holding of record 145,255,528 shares of common stock and 290,511 shares of Series E Convertible Preferred stock (2%); (iii) Wayne Patterson holding of record 75,000,000 shares of common stock and 3,815,878 shares of Series E Convertible Preferred stock (13%); (iv) William C. Dyess holding of record 75,000,000 shares of common stock and 3,144,982 shares of Series E Convertible Preferred stock (11%).

Class C is restricted for 18-months from issance date
Class E is exclusively to those who worked for years developing products to shelves; restrcited for 12-months from issuance date
NOTE: Class C and Class E - exclusive issuance to the legacy investors and employees of APT


American Performance Technologies CPA Firm
MaloneBailey CPA FIRM

Today, with more than 160 registrants as clients, including NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ listed companies, we audit more microcaps trading on U.S. stock exchanges than any other firm in the world. For this reason, we are in exclusive company as one of only 9 firms world-wide that requires an annual inspection by the PCAOB. We know accounting. We know microcap transactions, including debt and equity transactions. And we know financial reporting. See how we stack up against our competition.

APT Group Inc. plans to earn $16 to $20 million during their 2014 fiscal year with the potential to double revenues in 2015. The APT management and engineering team brings more than 100 years of experience in finance, legal, marketing, and product development.


This Bike Is So Badass

Motoped: The moped, grown up

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Here's to the moped, that awkward bowl cut of motor vehicles.

Not quite a motorcycle, not quite attractive to the opposite sex.

Until now...
Read More:





The APT SonicFlowTM 2-Cycle Engines
- currently under development
The engine family was initially designed for the domestic market expanding into all small engine applications – outdoor products, generators, hybrid power plants, etc. and our potential for this engine family outside North America is significantly greater.

APT serves the world as a propulsion technology company that manufactures and distributes advanced environmentally friendly transportation, utility and recreational powersport products.  The APT mission is to improve the environment by creating resources and opportunities for working families and communities. We are accomplishing this mission by manufacturing advanced products for a global market place.

Our organization was created by a group of motorsport and recreational enthusiasts whom with covenant partners share a passion to
(1) address environmental problems and
(2) improve the quality of the lives of our employees, investors, and communities in need around the world.
APT and it's covenant partners believe that all things are possible to those who believe.
(APT Group, Inc. Announces Company Renamed: APT MotoVox Group, Inc.)
(CEO & President Interviewed about Company's Future) 
(APT Group, Inc. Covered By Most Respected Industry Publication) 
(APT Presents Revolutionary Technology at Space Resources and Lunar Mining) 
(APT Announces SmartCarb Development and Supplier Agreement with Gas Gas) 
(APT Group Shareholder Update) 
(New Audit Firm (CPA)) 
(Confirmation Ticker Change is Coming) 
(Global Expansion with New Products!)

APT is a technology company that has developed an oil-less two stroke engine and a new technology carburetor that has been certified by California air resource board as the cleanest carburetor they ever tested. This carburetor also has improved performance 7~12% and fuel economy 10~15% The other major significance is the APT carburetor can meet EPA emissions without an expensive catalyzer APT is the holding company for MotoVox motor sport products, including a patented fuel system that is sold in big-box retail chains. The company was said to have the potential to double its revenues by 2015.  Frozen Food Gift Group Inc., originally launched by acquiring an ice cream gifting company, said it’s diversifying its revenue and asset base to merge and acquire unique and promising high-growth companies. The MotoVox merger is one that moves the business into the burgeoning market for low cost, high efficiency “greener” powertrain systems, the company said.
This past Friday, June 20th, APT Motovox Group, Inc. announced their name change from Frozen Food Group to APT Motovox Group, Inc. For any few folks I encourage them to go back and revisit SEC Filings from March 2014 to YTD. APT conducted a Reverse Merger with $FROZ and is in the process of making official changes to the current board and ticker, which still remain as Frozen Food Group, until FINRA approves the ticker and the OTCBB is updated. As soon as this happens (before end of June), this current board will then become APT Motovox Group, Inc. and whatever the new symbol is approved. APT Group, Inc. Announces Company Renamed: APT MotoVox Group, Inc.: 

SmartCarb® Enduro Extreme Magazine (Front Cover!) Issue 20


Must READ! The American Performance Technologies Smartcarb is being used in street legal motorcycle applications and in all Zaeta motorcycles! This is great news! To have a top end motorcycle manufacturer using only our carburetor in all of their motorcycles is fantastic. That's great extra revenue, especially when the Smartcarb sells for about $800 each.

Motovox TradeMarks (APT Trademark)

SmartCarb Patent  (Improved carburetor and methods)

Other Patents

US Patent Application No: 2013/0206,107 CARBURETOR AND METHODS THEREFOR  US Patent Application No: 2013/0206, 107 CARBURETOR AND METHODS THEREFOR

US Patent Application No: 2013/0206,107 - CARBURETOR AND METHODS THEREFOR  US Patent No: 5,908,013 Two-cycle engines  US Patent No: 6,505,821 Carburetors   US Patent No: D682739 Go-karts  UK Patent No:EP2588735US
AMERICAN PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGIES, LLC [US/US]; 8844 Hillcrest Road Kansas City, MO 64138 (US) (For All Designated States Except US).DYESS, Corey [US/US]; (US) (For US Only). HUDLEMEYER, Aaron, Aldrich [US/US]; (US) (For US Only)

A carburetor having an inlet opening that includes a pair of concavities operative to direct air toward the metering rod of the carburetor. A carburetor having an inlet opening that includes an arcuate manifold adjacent to the inlet opening and in fluid communication with a fuel reservoir. A carburetor having a slide assembly that includes a positioning mechanism operative to adjust the position of the metering rod relative to the throttle slide. A throttle slide that includes a flow guide that bisects an arcuate relief on an underside thereof. A method for configuring the throat of a carburetor that includes an upper portion of a first diameter and a lower portion of a second diameter that is offset from the first diameter. The method comprises deriving an optimum size for the first and second diameters and the offset based on the pumping efficiency and operating parameters of the engine.

Zaeta Motorcycles of Italy coming to Canada in 2014
About Zaeta:
       As a stirring of the soul, Zaeta was born in the seventies when, in Valpolicella, I used to ride around a field with a cherry tree in the middle on Piaggio Ciao moped, trying to drift the back wheel. The joy of precarious balance is a primitive one and is linked to some of the earliest challenges of youth as far back as a child’s first steps. Then, in December 2008, a meeting with Graziano Rossi gave the project the spark of life. Graziano and I found ourselves talking about a motorcycle that didn’t exist. He spoke of a lightweight bike that could be drifted through both left and right turns and be used for training MotoGP riders. I was talking about a light, simple bike that could be ridden on the dirt or the road.

       Zaeta is a pure short track bike. The project lives thanks to the commitment of two other enthusiastic characters. Marco Belli, hugely successful flat track racer, three time UK champion and twice European Champion, winning in 2010 on the Zaeta during its first season of competition. The second is Andrea Andreani, responsible for the bike’s technical development. Now Street legal in Europe and soon to be in North America. Just four tubes, two wheels and a powerful engine. Small, arrogant and ultra-light. The perfect bike for demolishing tight twisties or taming the city.


American Performance Technologies bought the former Montgomery Ward & Co. building at the Bannister Mall site
The purchase and planned redevelopment of the property at a $7.7 million investment represents a long-term solution for a site that has at times been a vexing presence at the former mall site in east Kansas City.  American Performance Technologies, which manufactures low-emission engines for motorcycles and recreation vehicles, leased the 108,000-square-foot building from the Privitera family for a little more than a year before buying the property.  The $7.7 million deal included $2 million in New Market Tax Credits administered by the Kansas City, Missouri, Community Development CDE.  Mazuma Credit Union extended a $3 million loan. The rest of the financing came from investors and APT equity.  “Mazuma is honored to provide resources to an organization that will give so much back to the Kansas City metro area, in the form of new jobs and other very important economic activity.  Our Business Resources department has done an incredible job in fostering this relationship with American Performance Technologies.  We are eager to help small businesses succeed and will continue to make the resources available to do so,” said Brandon Michaels, President/CEO of Mazuma.

MotoVox® has become the fastest growing brand of small engine price-point power sport products in the world, with nearly 100,000 power sport products sold to date earning nearly $25 million in less than three years of commerce.  In 2011, MotoVox® sold over 15,000 units, at an average price point of $400 per unit, through the major national "big box" and regional retailers. In 2012-13, MotoVox® sales volume nearly tripled and management anticipates continued sales growth and market penetration in both the U.S. and overseas.  This year (2014)  will be a transition year for MotoVox® as management fortifies the Company's already well-established foundation to capture dominating market share, expand to international markets and establish the MotoVox® brand as a household name.

In addition to core sales of the MotoVox® product line, the company holds patents for the SmartCarb® Fuel System and Sonic Flow small engine technology.  The environmentally friendly technology is a real world solution to satisfying a variety of emissions regulations and OEM performance requirements in small engine applications.   The technology is the answer to significantly improving fuel economy, lowering emissions, and providing improved performance.  The company completed the development of the SmartCarb® Fuel System and has recently entered the aftermarket & now working with OEM's.

APT is not a typical OTC company.  APT was comprised of four Limited Liability Companies existing independently since 2008 that collectively raised over 25M in capital and tangible assets.
The Board of Directors of Frozen Food Gift Group, Inc., appointed Troy A. Covey, Wayne Patterson, Colin Ohler, William Maher, William C. Dyess, and N. Douglas Pritt to serve as Directors of the Company. Mr. Troy A. Covey has served as the President of APT Group, Inc., (see below for more details)

APT Group, Inc. comprised of American Performance Technologies, LLC, APT Powersport & Utility Products, LLC, APT IP Holdings, LLC and APT RealEstate, LLC, will be the only entities that remain a part of FROZ.


Wayne Patterson & Family: CEO of American Performance Technologies (See Photos): (Pikes Peak 2011)

Zero-Turn Raius:

APT technology is being used in products as diverse as unmanned aerial vehicles, racing motorcycles and generators. Covey said an exciting new product APT will introduce is the first electric utility vehicle with a zero-turn radius.

As of 7/1/2014, EVDrive’s Terra Torque Drive™ Torque vectoring technology (capable of zero-radius turns and other advanced traction features) has not been licensed by APT, so if APT will introduce the “first electric utility vehicle with zero-radius-turn capability, the technology source/partner is unknown at this time.

Steve E. Tice
2011 - Present
COO - 

2009 – 2013

Consulting V.P./CIO at &
“APT cut ALL ties with Steve Tice and EVDrive Inc. in early 2013 due to financial challenges. As a result APT breached both contracts with EVDrive and Steve Tice as a consulting V.P.,
and APT currently owes both entities payments for work done and completed, however, APT is trying to remedy this situation. As of 7/1/2014, no remedy has been officially signed and put in place. Steve Tice and EVDrive had 4 years (2009-2013) of successful product development work with APT, sharing its project management, internet technical marketing, electric
and hybrid powertrain expertise on a project by project basis. With respect to their last project working together, EVDrive appreciates APT confidence in letting EVDrive demonstrate its in-house developed Terra Torque Drive™ technology (originally developed for super/hyper-car
and super-truck OEM applications) ported over to a UTV platform for future APT product evaluation it is regrettable that APT decided not to continue this industry milestone UTV project”

World of Outlaws visited APT to inquire their interest in becominga sponsor.
That is huge news. Check out their site:

    Awesome Article from Cycle Playground
Conclusion, the Smart Carb is a worthy purchase, it solves many issues. We have will have full testing with head modded motors and full race motors very soon. The CP will be a stocking dealer for Smart Carbs in the future.

APT's Military Invovement with the ARMY
American Performance Technologies (APT) and teammates Wayne State University (WSU) and Turing Associates, Inc., (TAI) together have the engine and material science technologies, experience, capabilities, and expertise to needed to achieve these ambitious objectives: APT for advanced high-performance small engine design, WSU and TAI for multi-scale functionally-graded materials, cell-structured materials, advanced alloys, metal-matrix composites and surface infusion, advanced coatings for engine components, engine component design to exploit the properties of advanced materials, and material and component test and evaluation.
"APT is poised for rapid growth through our new public company," said Wayne Patterson, CEO. "The combination of our three divisions with focus on emissions testing, disruptive fuel systems and propulsion technologies, and advanced powersport and utility products places us in a globally unique position only held by a few of the very largest companies. We look forward to an exciting 2014 and an even better 2015 and beyond."
"APT Group, Inc. has achieved remarkable revenue and market share growth in a short time," says Troy A. Covey, President. "Continuing that rate of growth would have been a challenge as a private company. We believe the public markets provide access to a more dynamic investor community that should propel APT's continued growth while allowing us to take advantage of new international branding opportunities and technology advances."

Locate a Motovox Retailer Near You (Sears, Kmart, Pep Boys and other locations nationwide)
Motovox Mini Bike – Sears Outlet

Motovox Mini BikeS –     http://
Motovox  Motorcycle Parts Hub
Motovox Generators
APT SmartCarb® Sponsored Racers
GasGas Factory Racing
Lexi Pechout #151
-2014 GasGas EC300
-2010 GasGas TXT280 Pro
Ice Racing
Moto GP
Ryan Sandoval #11
-2014 GasGas EC300


 Michael Salsman #360
-2014 GasGas EC250
-2013 GasGas TXT300 Pro
Phil Smage #551
-2014 GasGas EC250
-2013 GasGas TXT300 Pro
Michael Creevy #10
-Husqvarna WR250
South Africa National Off-Road & Enduro
Charlie Johnston #185
-Yamaha YZ250

Matthew Meinert #295
-Honda CR250R
Supermoto & Ice Racing
Adam Hollenkamp
-Kawasaki KX85
Youth MX
Kim Nakashima
-KTM 200
Hare Scrambles & Enduros HMA
David Taplay #214
-GasGas EC300R
Pro Enduro
Steven Christy #268
Vet Enduro AWRCS
Four-Time Undefeated Quad Champ Returns to Pikes Peak in 2013
For 2013, Steve is making some changes to his Honda with a significantly lighter frame and some additional power tweaks to the engine. “We have a better power to weight ratio than what we have had before, more like the modified guys have been coming with, so I think I can pull off a really quick run this year,” Tutt says. “You never want to be cocky because you just don’t know what the mountain is going to throw at you, plus the class has gotten super fast…but I do like my chances.”
Tutt will stay with his primary sponsor for 2013; American Performance Technologies, manufacturer of the SmartCarb fuel system. CEO Wayne Patterson comments: “Steve has gone out and proven what we’ve been saying about the SmartCarb in a very big and positive way. We are really proud of the whole team and their accomplishments at Pikes Peak and we are looking forward to Steve extending his victories to five undefeated runs.”
Motovox MBX10 Motovox MGX30
APT SmartCarb® Equipped APT SmartCarb® Equipped
Motovox MBX20 Motovox MBX xse
 Billet APT SmartCarb® on snowbike  Close Up:  APT SmartCarb®
Billet APT Smarcarb on a Snowbike Up Close Look (APT)
APT Motovox Products: Motovox MBX20

Longest Run Time on Less FuelImagine getting at least 30% more run time along with the lowest carbon footprint on the planet from your generator. That’s the kind of radically advanced efficiency you can expect from the MGR Series, the new generator sets from Motovox. The real secret is in the highly efficient fuel system, controlled by the all new SmartCarb® made by American Performance Technologies.

Motovox/APT - Various Information Below 
Motovox – California Environmental Protection Agency Air Resources Board (ARB) - 2014
Motovox Plans Expansion, New Jobs
American Performance Technologies (APT) – SmartCarb©
American Performance Technologies (APT) – SmartCarb© Conquers Pikes Peak. Again. (DirtBike Magazine)
American Performance Technologies (APT) – SmartCarb© Conquers Pikes Peak. Again. (Awesome Video: Real Racers Praising the Quality and Performance of APT)
The APT SmartCarb® - changing the face of motorcycle racing and street
2012 Cornerstone Finalist, under Business Expansion
2013 Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City, Missouri (EDC) Cornerstone Awards, under Business Expansion
Huge Investor for APT Total Investment: $7,700,000: Welcome. Welcome to the Kansas City, Missouri Community Development CDE (KCMO CDE)- (Check out their Portfolio!!)

Some More Company History

On March 21, 2014, Frozen Food Gift Group, Inc., ("Company or "FROZ") entered into a Share Exchange Agreement with APT Group, Inc. ("APT"). The parties entered into a share exchange transaction pursuant to which the shareholders of APT ("Sellers" or "APT Shareholders") shall exchange up to one hundred percent (100%) of the total issued and outstanding shares of APT ("APT Shares") for Company Shares ("Exchange Shares"), resulting in APT being a wholly-owned or controlled subsidiary of the Company, and the Company being controlled by the existing shareholders of APT.

In consideration of the Share Exchange Agreement, the management of FROZ shall return to treasury and shall cancel 20,000,000 shares of Series B Preferred Stock, which as of today's filing represents approximately 90% of the total capitalization of FROZ in combined preferred and common stock. The remaining 500,000 Series B Preferred Shares will be retained by FROZ stockholder Matthew Schissler. Series C Preferred Stock, Series D Preferred Stock and Series E Preferred Stock shall be designated by FROZ and the appropriate documentation filed with the Secretary of State of Delaware; the shares of such series of FROZ Preferred Stock shall be available for issuance at the Closing pursuant to the respective provisions hereof calling for such issuance at the Closing; and there shall exist no pending action, contract provision, provision of any charter document, or other circumstance or condition which does or would restrict the issuance thereof in accordance with the respective provisions hereof.   In addition, as consideration for the Share Exchange Agreement to be finalized, the management of FROZ shall ensure that no shares of Series A Preferred Stock shall be issued and outstanding as of the Closing Date.
As consideration for the sale of their APT Shares by the APT Shareholders to the Company, the Company shall issue to each APT Shareholder, a unit (an "Exchange Unit") consisting of (a) shares of the Company's Common Stock on the basis of 282.97 Exchange Shares for each APT Share sold by an APT Shareholder; (b) an equivalent number of shares of the Company's Preferred Stock, which Preferred Stock shall be convertible after twelve (12) months by the holder thereof into shares of the Company's Common Stock; and (c) one (1) share of the Company's Series C Preferred Stock, which Series C Preferred Stock shall be convertible after eighteen (18) months by the holder thereof into shares of the Company's Common Stock equal to one hundred percent (100%) of the number of shares of the Company's Common Stock. Subject to the performance or waiver of all of the conditions of the Share Exchange Agreement, the Closing of the Transaction will take place three business days from the date that each Party has notified the other that all conditions to Closing for which such Party is responsible have been satisfied or waived, but not later than April 30, 2014, or such later date as may be mutually agreed by FROZ and APT.
Immediately following the Closing, the capitalization of the Company shall be as follows (subject to updating share issuances between today's date and the Closing Date): the Company shall have 20,000,000,000 shares of FROZ Common Stock authorized, of which 897,071,625 shares shall be issued and outstanding, and 500,000,000 shares of Preferred Stock authorized, further designated into two classes of Preferred Stock identified as (i) Series A Preferred Stock, of which 9,118,108 shares are authorized and none are issued and outstanding; and (ii) Series B Preferred Stock, of which 20,500,000 shares are authorized and 500,000 shall be issued and outstanding. Each share of Series A Preferred Stock is convertible into 9,118,108 shares of FROZ Common Stock, and each share of Series B Preferred Stock is convertible into five hundred (500) shares of FROZ Common Stock. At the Closing, the Company shall have filed with the Secretary of State of Delaware to designate three additional classes of Preferred Stock. The number of shares of FROZ Preferred and Common Stock combined issued to APT Shareholders shall equal approximately and collectively, ninety-five percent (95%) of the total number of shares of FROZ Common Stock issued and outstanding as of the Closing Date.

Troy Covey, Chairman, stated, “Any informed industry observer understands powersport and utility sales and distribution model is broken. We have developed a new business model in the powersport and utility product space that ties our technology together with our pro-line and mass merchant distribution channels. In addition, we develop multiple products simultaneously at significant cost reductions due to the cross pollination of the pro-line and mass market retail product groups. Big box leaders predict our virgin category to be the next significant opportunity for both American and international chain stores.”
The Company is focused on three core competencies: (1) fuel systems, (2) 2-stroke internal combustion engine (ICE) and (3) hybrid-electric power-train. Each of these technologies constitutes a disruptive technology to their respective vertical markets. APT’s affiliated company (MotoVox®); develops, sells and distributes technologically advanced environmentally friendly propulsion systems, utility and power-sport products. The first line of products that the Company has introduced to the marketplace is a price point line of power sport products.

Management: Changing Of The Guard
On March 27, 2014, the Board of Directors of Frozen Food Gift Group, Inc., appointed Troy A. Covey and N. Douglas Pritt to serve as Directors of the Company. Mr. Troy A. Covey has served as the President of APT Group, Inc., and its subsidiaries from 2007 to present. N. Douglas Pritt is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Energy Revenue America, where he has served from 2012 to present. He had previously served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of NavStar Technologies, Inc., from 2002 through 2012.

On March 27, 2014, Matthew L. Schissler resigned as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Frozen Food Gift Group, Inc. There was no disagreement with the Company on any matter in connection with his departure.

On March 27, 2014, Jonathan F. Irwin resigned as the Chief Executive Officer, Principal Executive Officer, Principal Financial Officer and Principal Accounting Officer of Frozen Food Gift Group, Inc. There was no disagreement with the Company on any matter in connection with his departure.
On March 27, 2014, John A. Berkeridge, Jr., resigned as a member of the Board of Directors of Frozen Food Gift Group, Inc. There was no disagreement with the Company on any matter in connection with his departure.

On April 1, 2014, the Board of Directors of Frozen Food Gift Group, Inc., appointed Troy A. Covey to serve as President of the Company. Mr. Troy A. Covey has served as President of American Performance Technologies since 2007. Mr. Covey co-founded APT in 2007 with a mission to lead the motorsports and utility products industry in energy conservation, quality design, high performance manufacturing and cutting edge technology. Prior to founding APT, he launched two other entrepreneurial consumer products businesses.

On April 1, 2014, the Board of Directors of Frozen Food Gift Group, Inc., appointed Wayne Patterson to serve as Chief Executive Officer of the Company. Mr. Wayne Patterson has served as Chief Executive Officer of American Performance Technologies since 2007. Mr. Patterson oversees product development, sales and marketing. Wayne’s background includes co-founder of Alpine Electronics, SVP of Specialized Bicycle Corporation, corporate restructure and strategic development for Oakley, and category development/M&A/Board of Directors for Nike. Over the last 30 years, Mr. Patterson has worked as a senior consultant and or held senior executive positions at major consumer brands including Nike, Specialized, Oakley, Mattel, Polaris, Sony, Trek, Schutt, Alpine and others. He holds a B.A. in Business from San Jose State University.

EFFECTIVE May 30, 2014: William Maher, SVP Corporate and Legal Affairs, will step in as interim- Chief Financial Officer until selection and announcement of a replacement.  "With this smooth transition, APT will maintain its focus on improving our ability to execute on our growth strategy and deliver strong results on behalf of its shareholders.

On April 1, 2014, the Board of Directors of Frozen Food Gift Group, Inc., appointed Colin Ohler to serve as Chief Operating Officer of the Company. Mr. Colin Ohler has served as Chief Operating Officer of American Performance Technologies since 2013. Mr. Ohler oversees product development, sourcing, industrialization, supply chain management, logistics, and Asia sales. Mr. Ohler was previously employed as Vice President of Burton Corporation Asian Operations and as Director/General Manager of K2 Asia. In these roles, he established product development, manufacturing, sourcing, supply chain management, and China sales. Mr. Ohler was also a Research Engineer/Rocket Scientist at Southern Research Institute, where he tested and analyzed rocket motors. He received an Executive M.B.A. with Honors from the University of Iowa Tippie School of Management, and a Master of Science and B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Kansas. Mr. Ohler reads, writes and speaks fluent Mandarin.

On April 1, 2014, the Board of Directors of Frozen Food Gift Group, Inc., appointed William Maher to serve as Senior Vice President, Corporate and Legal Affairs of the Company. Mr. William Maher served as Chief Financial Officer of American Performance Technologies from 2011 to 2012 and as Senior Vice President, Corporate and Legal Affairs since 2013. Mr. Maher oversees capital formation, regulatory issues, treasury management, human resources, and legal affairs. Prior to joining APT in 2011, Mr. Maher owned several businesses in the finance and factoring industries. He has also held roles in the United States, Japan, and Thailand in commercial banking, venture incubation, international business development, and was an adjunct professor of business strategy. Mr. Maher received a bachelor’s degree from American Intercontinental University, an M.B.A. from the University of Phoenix, and a J.D. from Concord Law School. Mr. Maher reads, writes, and speaks fluent Japanese and is conversant in Thai.

On April 1, 2014, the Board of Directors of Frozen Food Gift Group, Inc., appointed William C. Dyess to serve as Senior Vice President, Director of Research and Development of the Company. Mr. William C. Dyess is a co-founder of the Company and has served as Senior Vice President, Director of Research and Development of American Performance Technologies since 2007. Prior to that, Mr. Dyess served as President / CEO of Case Supercharged Induction. Mr. Dyess was involved in two-cycle engine development at the University of Wyoming as a Principal Research Investigator for several federally funded SBIR Low emissions research and development projects and was a faculty advisor for numerous SAE collegiate design competitions.


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MTVX News: APT MotoVox Receives Record Number of Dealer and Distributor Order Requests 10/27/2014 10:24:00 AM
MTVX News: Current Report Filing (8-k) 10/24/2014 04:05:03 PM
MTVX News: APT MotoVox Wins Rookie of the Year at 2014 AIMExpo 10/20/2014 10:30:00 AM
MTVX News: APT MotoVox Wins Rookie of the Year at 2014 AIMExpo 10/20/2014 10:30:00 AM
MTVX News: APT MotoVox Group, To Debut Seven New Products at 2014 AIMExpo 10/13/2014 01:43:00 PM
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#107102  Sticky Note This is an AWESOME UPDATE!!! diannedawn 10/24/14 06:47:13 PM
#106256  Sticky Note wealththrupennies 10/20/14 10:14:33 PM
#108646   MTVX..NICE TO SEE THE PRODUCTS IN EBAY ALSO...GOOD Anban 11/01/14 04:36:56 AM
#108645   Wow that's a raw deal. No revenue in Anjango 11/01/14 03:41:16 AM
#108644   They're >>NOT<< stocked "in" Walmart stores. They're merely Kool Aid Man 11/01/14 03:30:19 AM
#108643   Covey hasn't sold to Costco since 2012. Kool Aid Man 11/01/14 03:23:51 AM
#108642   Walmart rules!!!! nano123 11/01/14 03:11:01 AM
#108641   I hope you're right. They haven't shown me Arizzle 11/01/14 02:34:54 AM
#108640   Great find 120volts PetePham 11/01/14 01:46:54 AM
#108639   Will do. PetePham 11/01/14 01:31:19 AM
#108638   Nice! Lets hold our gains monday! Romans623 11/01/14 01:25:22 AM
#108637   What is your of their patents is preferred1500 11/01/14 01:22:11 AM
#108636   Holy Sh** we are at walmart. Thanks Jeff!!! Joedtrader 11/01/14 01:12:11 AM
#108635   Hahahaha! Right! $0.01 would give them a $100,000,000 Arizzle 11/01/14 01:08:41 AM
#108634   No need to rs,we will get to pennies preferred1500 11/01/14 01:05:24 AM
#108633   Excellent find 120volts! Great days ahead here for LoveAndLight 11/01/14 12:57:15 AM
#108632   CERNER !! LOOK>> 120volts 11/01/14 12:46:05 AM
#108631   Pennies after the RS Arizzle 11/01/14 12:37:52 AM
#108630   Nice find.pennies here we come ,buying more Monday. preferred1500 11/01/14 12:24:01 AM
#108629   MTVX $$$..MOTOVOX Bikes in WALMART.... Anban 10/31/14 11:25:09 PM
#108627   They don't need my fund. PetePham 10/31/14 11:11:14 PM
#108625   PPS was higher during the Frozen Foods days. RickNagra 10/31/14 11:08:15 PM
#108624   I will keep buying and don't care what PetePham 10/31/14 10:35:55 PM
#108623   Nope, my impression from the conversation was that Sooah 10/31/14 10:16:50 PM
#108622   Ya like all the "good news" they "APT" frosr6 10/31/14 10:16:14 PM
#108621   Could it be they've been holding off to pinoleropuro 10/31/14 10:12:33 PM
#108620   WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ALLEGED 'COSTCO' ORDER FOR Sooah 10/31/14 09:47:54 PM
#108619   Yes we do. Others too we just are frosr6 10/31/14 08:24:44 PM
#108617   You and I know why. Don't get suckered FUBAR1 10/31/14 07:36:44 PM
#108616   I liked all the positivity today but still bythedip107 10/31/14 07:29:39 PM
#108615   I did bought 80M today to average down. PetePham 10/31/14 07:28:38 PM
#108614   Everyone knew this is at the bottom and PetePham 10/31/14 07:26:51 PM
#108613   Got it Fubar1. Happy Halloween! $MTVX Pistol Pete! PetePham 10/31/14 07:25:35 PM
#108612   Pretty strange that MTVX traded about 450 mil frosr6 10/31/14 07:23:39 PM
#108611   yes you did!I NEVER WROTE MATT DID NOTHING . diannedawn 10/31/14 07:15:54 PM
#108610   I'm not going to argue with ya. You FUBAR1 10/31/14 07:06:10 PM
#108608   Yeah...once retail investors took all of the $.0002 PetePham 10/31/14 06:47:09 PM
#108607   Love the enthusiasm on this board. So everyone JamieFlagg 10/31/14 06:47:07 PM
#108606   They can't. They don't have enough as it frosr6 10/31/14 06:40:04 PM
#108604   Good for who ? Anjango 10/31/14 06:05:24 PM
#108603   I said believe what people post not listen. FUBAR1 10/31/14 06:03:05 PM
#108601   And reread my post. I didn't say listen, FUBAR1 10/31/14 05:59:37 PM
#108598   I am sure that MTVX will never get pkdaddy64 10/31/14 05:46:46 PM
#108597   It's all very entertaining right? FUBAR1 10/31/14 05:44:39 PM
#108596   Lol, yeah these msg boards are funny. The Billsfan1986 10/31/14 05:43:31 PM
#108595   Mtvx is looking to add too....another 12 billion Arizzle 10/31/14 05:42:28 PM
#108593   Never met the man Troy myself, but seems GoodReward 10/31/14 05:39:27 PM
#108592   Very correct. rwwonwheels2 10/31/14 05:38:03 PM
#108590   Been hearing that for months. If some kind FUBAR1 10/31/14 05:34:29 PM
#108589   We needed Today to get rid of alot pkdaddy64 10/31/14 05:31:37 PM
#108588   Up 50% and just the start of good GoodReward 10/31/14 05:28:29 PM
#108587   I know all about it, I have shares FUBAR1 10/31/14 05:26:09 PM