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Building The Future of Social Commerce!

The FONU2 Social commerce platform connects social networking, aggressive viral marketing and safe and reliable transactions into one streamlined and aesthetically optimized package.

By espousing a people-centric approach to online marketplaces, FONU2 is able to facilitate an organically viral and immersive social commerce experience. Investors understand that people are behind corporations, and will ultimately drive their success. For this reason, FONU2 has made people, their interactions, their friends, and their preferences into the driving force behind their social commerce platform.


The FONU2 APP, the FONU2 Card, and Facebook. Together, they create a seamless global marketplace accessible through your computer or smart phone. You can trade with your friends, earn points and play games, or you can market your services and products around the block or around the world. Investors seeking more information can contact our Investor Relations Liaison through the information on the right of this page.


Fonu2 is a modern-day Social Commerce and Application Development Company with its eye set on bringing two of the most profitable sectors of the internet together; social media and ecommerce. It is our goal to streamline many processes used in the modern mobile age and to make those experiences not only more enjoyable, but also more profitable and safe. By reducing the time it takes for a customer to get an item to market, we believe that our “flag ship” Fonu2 social commerce application will appeal to a wide range of individuals and businesses. This will further increase the benefit to the end users by helping all Fonu2 users network with business and growth in mind.

FONU2 and its business partners have gathered together experts in numerous fields to help ensure the success of the company. We have programming architects, network engineers, management with vast amounts of experience, marketing experts, designers of various sorts, and financial experts all working to build Fonu2 into a company worth mentioning at the water cooler as well as the social networks. Despite how proud we are of the team we have assembled and all of our many professional skills, we believe that one trait shared amongst us all is our most valuable asset, innovation. There is a plethora of developers and experts in this world who have just as much skill as the staff here at Fonu2 in their respective fields. However, when we sit down to start working out a problem or thinking of the next big idea, this is where we set ourselves apart from the rest. Creating new applications, that have never been seen before or reengineering business processes used by millions every day and making them faster and more effective, is second nature to us.

There is no set dogma here at Fonu2. We analyze and think things through with pinpoint clarity and focus. When solutions are suggested or ideas are pitched, instinctively our team begins to build out the results of these suggestions. Seeing the results from all angles before one hour of labor is spent allows us to augment and change the solution before one line of code is ever written. Furthermore, by being open and honest with each other we have created a work environment that encourages the breakdown and analysis of everything we do. New ideas and concepts that could change the way we all do business are created every day in our think-tanks. We just hope the world is ready for a little more free time and, hopefully, a lot more spending money.



Social Commerce



FONU2 continues to lead the way regarding social commerce and social networking, thanks to its unique platform and high-performance Facebook application (coming soon) Studies show that social commerce and online social interaction continue to grow as the leading source of purchasing and selling goods and services. Facebook commerce (a.k.a. f-commerce or f-comm) also continues to climb steadily, with over 15 million businesses and brands representing products, services, etc. on the website.


The Evolutionary FONU2 App Combines Social Commerce and Social Networking.

  FONU2 understands the importance of marrying social commerce and social networking. The new FONU2 app, combines social media management, aggressive viral campaigns, News Feed, Localization and Notification interaction, allowing FONU2 Facebook members to connect with customers across the globe. Members will have control to multiple "public marketing page" profiles and will have to ability to sell, trade or buy products and services. The precision of FONU2's Facebook Platform enables seamless social commerce experiences across a multitude of electronic devices.

FONU2 is a social commerce company that provides a precision mobile sales and marketing platform that functions like an order reservations and booking system. Based on the FONU2 card, people via their mobile phones and computers list, buy, sell, trade services and items locally in any neighbourhood anywhere in the world; and get paid with the FONU2 social commerce platform.

FONU2 Platform and Services:

  •      Is a social commerce company website available on Internet and mobile app (coming soon in iOS and Android Platforms).
         Combines social networking via full Facebook integration with secure commerce by processing all transactions through the Amazon Wallet.
         Will offer members a complete business platform where they can immediately sign-up for free, start promoting themselves and begin earning money the same day.
         Infrastructure platform is run on Amazon (AWS), providing world class secure platform, performance and scalability.
         Will offer local buy, sell, and jobs classified and listing services, clients do not pay for advertising unless they complete sale.
         Will offer a Games section, which allows members to play games with their Facebook friends.
         Utilizes GPS data from your mobile phone to guide you to your appointments on time (coming soon).

Could the Ultimate Combination for Seamless Social Commerce Reside in Fonu2's App and Fonu2's Card Deployed in Facebook?

FONU2 understands Facebook's influence and reach when it comes to engaging consumers and selling products, services or offering trades via social commerce. According to Facebook's most recent 2013 Q2 SEC Filing, almost 700 million users access the site daily, either through a mobile device or computer. Through a combination of the FONU2 App and Facebook message feeds, those selling products or services will have the potential to reach millions of Facebook users, their Facebook friends, and have the ability to convert visitors to their Public Marketing Page into members and purchasers.


FONU2 Games(Coming Soon)

 Just as FONU2 realizes the increasing influence and presence of social commerce and social networking on society, we also recognize the importance of games in terms of increasing audiences and business revenue. By integrating games into our business services, online communities, content portals, campaigns and more, we have the ability to increase participation and engagement with our target audience.

FONU2 is excited to offer a diverse and growing Game section, allowing our members to interact through a variety of venues online. This allows us to engage deeper with our audience, partners and consumers, while also offering them the ability to share, collaborate and participate with Facebook friends, family members and online communities.

FONU2, Inc. is a consumer financial services company that provides a precision mobile sales and marketing platform that functions like an order reservations and booking system. FONU2 platform and services include proprietary, fully-integrated payments with critical functions required to acquire cardholders; process transactions; maintain account-level data; communicate with cardholders; manage risk; ensure regulatory compliance; and stay in close contact with FONU2 issuing banks as well as FONU2 distributors. The company changed its name from Zaldiva, Inc. to FONU2, Inc. on April 11, 2012. It was founded by Jeffrey M. Pollitt on August 11, 1997 and is headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.                

FONU2 is a new Social Media eCommerce website that helps people promote themselves and earn money. FONU2 is fully integrated with Facebook and Amazon to provide members world class social networking and secure commerce.                                                       

Mission  FONU2 will be the everyday marketing tool and payment platform that millions of people around the world will use daily to promote themselves and their products in order to earn money and become more financially productive.

FONU2 Inc.
331 E Commercial Boulevard
Oakland Park, FL 33334
Phone: 954-938-4133
Fax: 954-337-7944
Websites: &

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