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Ecomike's Favorite stock picks and Stock DD topics

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Last Post: 4/29/2017 8:11:22 PM - Followers: 89 - Board type: Free - Posts Today: 0

This board is for discussion about all forms of US traded stock DD,  pros and cons on stocks, stocks I am either actively invested in, or stocks I am looking at, or stocks others think I might be interest in looking at.

As this board grows and moderators are added the type of stocks list may grow. I am very picky about stocks.

  I am not interested in pump and dump stocks.  

The main focus for now will be high tech stocks with real IP (Intellectual Property).

I prefer stocks that have cash conserving management, published Patent applications or issued patents, or proprietary trade secret technology. Some sales is best but not required if the IP is real and cutting edge.

Examples of stocks I frequently invest in are Biotechs, Energy, and Environmental related technology stocks, as these are the fields I am an expert in. I also have a few bank stocks in my BAG, and some utility stocks etc. Diversification is a solid basis for investing.

I invest in very high risk and very low risk stocks.

Charting stocks is encouraged! Reading the company reports is encouraged. Researching a stock for many months, even years is encouraged before investing real money.

This is not a board to pump stocks with spam posts. If you mention a stock here, mention why you are interested in the stock, and any and all DD you have already done on the stock. The more information the better.

Simple posts saying "abcd stock is rising, get in now" will be deleted as off topic on this board. This is a board for deep thoughtful analysis of stocks, the companies with public stocks and the many methods of finding stock DD information, like charts... Stocks all the way from Dow to Gray sheets are OK if they fit the above rules. I hope to bring together a good team of seasoned pros to this board to join me.

Live charts

Fresh Long term AA chart!!!!

TTEG is looking interesting again

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#3345   POWN! Way oversold, get ready! Hedgebunny 12/23/16 05:16:37 PM
#3344   Google this... Hedgebunny 12/23/16 05:13:11 PM
#3343   Great pick! Hedgebunny 12/23/16 05:04:44 PM
#3342   Thanks jd, means a lot. We all agree Ecomike 12/20/16 05:32:29 PM
#3341   MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!! glta choctaw 12/20/16 09:56:21 AM
#3340   Glad things went well with your surgery and jd19 12/20/16 09:21:56 AM
#3339   Even a broken clock is right twice a Ecomike 12/19/16 08:25:29 PM
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