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CleanPath Resources Corp. (CLNP)

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CleanPath Resources Corp




Google: CLNP SCAM 

Click >>>

From Jan 1, 2014 to Mar 31, 2014 .



     Ken Lewis President  & CEO
Re-Load®Wellness Products








FIRST...Lets Look at the CRIMINALS and SCAMMERS Involved with the CLNP SCAM

1. KENNETH E. LEWIS  - (CEO of CLNP) - Banned from Illinois for FRAUD


2. ROBERT R. PONIKVAR - (currently released from Probation) Known Convicted Scammer

ROBERT R. PONIKVAR (post a picture if you have it)
3. ROBERT J. HERMAN - (currently on Probation) FELON, Con-Artist, Currently on Trial for a Pedophilia Crime 

4. LIDIA GOLOVAN (CLNP’s “Accountant”) - Convicted of small crimes, recently declared indigent

5. RON SEROTA (Owns 50% of CLNP) -  disbarred for conduct "involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit and misrepresentation."

NEXT.... Lets Look at Some of the Info on the Web About Cleanpath Resources (CLNP)....

Ken Lewis is Banned From Illinois
Ken Lewis has a Long List of Previously FAILED "Business Opportunities"
Ken Lewis's Accountant is an Ex-Con who was Declared Indigent
CleanPath's "AGRONIFIER" "Technology" was used in Another SCAM
CleanPath/Re-Load want YOU to Pay $20,000 for a Non-Existent KIOSK in Craigslist
The Ex-Con ROBERT PONIKVAR is Helping Ken Lewis
The Ex-Con ROBERT PONIKVAR is Has a Questionable Past with Penny Stocks
The Ex-Con ROBERT PONIKVAR and Ken Lewis Write Things that Are Not True
The Ex-Con ROBERT PONIKVAR and No More PROBATION -- Yea!!!!
BioSwan (CleanPath's Partner) is in Court Over The DEATH of a Patient
A Blog from 2005 Has Called Ken Lewis' "Operation" a "SCAM"
CleanPath /Re-Load is being Run from Ken Lewis' Rented FL House
CleanPath/Re-Load Own NOTHING
Ken Lewis' Business' were Called a "Fraudulent Business" by the IL SOS
CleanPath Resources /Re-Load - SALES TOTAL:  $5.83/Day !!!
CleanPath Resources /Re-Load - 7 Hour Energy & Sloppy Work Habits
Ron Serota Owns 50% of CleanPath Stock (
Ken Lewis and his Emails and Deception
CleanPath Resources /Re-Load is ALL Ken Lewis
CleanPath Resources /Re-Load - A Home-Base "Business"?
Some of Ken Lewis' Previous Distribution "Businesses"
Ken Lewis' - Best Beef Jerky Opportunity
Ken Lewis' - Air Bush Tanning Opportunity
Ken Lewis' - Rhythm Rooster Opportunity
Ken Lewis' Re-Load Trademark CANCELED
Ken Lewis' "Company" REVOKED in Nevada
Ken Lewis' - Re-Load Inactive in Florida
Ken Lewis' Gives Stock Tips to Insiders?
Ken Lewis and his Funny Tweets
NEXT... Lets See Why New Investors are Staying Away From CLNP
Google: CLNP SCAM                                                 

 Do It …Everyone Else Knows the Truth
Google: Ken Lewis CLNP Fraud
Google: CLNP ConJob
Google: Closed

This Information will ALWAYS BE THERE…
…That is Why CLNP will go NOWHERE..


NEXT.....Here’s what usually happens to these SCAMS like CLNP:
1.  The company is usually a complete FAILURE and makes no money had has a huge debt.
2.  The CEO thinks so highly of himself that HE CANNOT BLAME HIMSELF FOR THIS HUGE FAILURE.
3.  The CEO BLAMES THE (IMAGINARY) PEOPLE SHORTING STOCK.  (Kenny Lewis CEO:CLNP has already done this.)
4.  The CEO then Blames Other people.  Those who post bad things about him and his company (websites, stock boards, blogs, etc).  (This is where Kenny Lewis CEO:CLNP is now.)
5. The CEO declares that he will retaliate and has hired a legal team and/or filed civil/criminal charges against those who have badmouthed him and his company.  (This is Kenny Lewis’ CEO:CLNP next step.)
6.  Nothing ever comes from the CEO’s legal team and/or filed civil/criminal charges. (This is always a very entertaining part of the CEO’s downfall.)
7. The interest in the company completely collapses.  The stock price follows and hits triple 000.
8. The company & CEO go silent.  They have no money and no way to raise capital.
9.  There is a reverse split in the stock and there are new company personnel involved.

Kenny Lewis CEO:CLNP should be declaring his retaliation soon...
...and announce that he has hired a legal team...
.... and/or filed civil/criminal charges against those who have badmouthed him and his company. 
CLNP - Always Entertaining











iBox updated : Feb 05, 2014
Clean Path Resources







All credit goes to mvp_money

 Do not let anyone fool you from a penny stock investment! ! 

I would just like to answer all of it 1 by 1 with some facts. 

Let's get started: 
"Read about Ken Lewis (CE:CLNP) and the TOP 10 SECURITY SCAMS": 

In that link we see this image: 


In reality, THAT image is it appears as though Ken Lewis was on the top 10 scams list! Below I’ve included the REAL IMAGE of the “Illinois Top 10 Securities Scams of 2007” with website address: 


That's the truth, above are the "Illinois Top 10 securities scams 2007". CLNP's Ken Lewis was on that list, anyone who says otherwise is wrong! Ken Lewis/Hip Hop Marketing was listed under Enforcement Administrative Orders, along with  other companies, some not so respected companies! I'll get back to Franchises, Ken Lewis and Illinois later. Just let the record be set straight that image was  the real . 


Next up... 

"Read about CLNP’s GAGGED Transfer Agent":

CLNP does not have a gagged transfer agent. Ever since August 2012 when Ken Lewis began his CLNP movement NOT ONE INSIDER SHARE has hit the market! 

Usually, people claiming a company is a scam may actually have a point because the float (insider shares hitting the market) increases - shares are being diluted - BUT, with CLNP this has never been the case! HOW DO I KNOW? 

Because the Transfer Agent just gave out the Share Structure on 3/28/13 AND THE FLOAT HAS NOT CHANGED! 

The float (312,354,652 shares) is UNCHANGED from the beginning (Aug. 2012), and proves the CLNP TA is NOT gagged:

Next up... 

"Read the emails by Ken Lewis (CEO:CLNP)- that should make you Question CLNP": 

The only thing I'm questioning about that conversation is why is Ken Lewis not answering his question and being evasive.  The CEO should know locations of a store-distributor after he already sold the all the product and his account executives set up their initial accounts. The Corporation’s work was done at the point of sale... THAT IS HOW FRANCHISING WORKS! The person questioning the CEO in that email exchange makes perfect sense to me... Can you explain the CEO's logic/position? 


"Google: CLNP SCAM Google: CLNP Fraudulent Enterprise" 

If I google the key words that someone used then of course algorithms used by Google will load those exact blogs/i-hub posts. 

Next up, Ken Lewis and Illinios are not on good terms… I will explain now: 

"Read about Ken Lewis being banned from Illinois for Fraud": 

Again, that link shows us the image of the "Illinois Top 10 securities scams of 2007." Please scroll up to again read and visually discover the truth that CLNP and Ken Lewis have issues.

About Illinois and Ken Lewis/Hip hop marketing... 

This is a few years ago... 

At the time a distributor Ken Lewis knew was selling a drink called Xtreme. The partner operated this business out of Florida, it was an imported energy drink (Xtreme) from Spain. 

Ken has been a "ongoing business Seller" AND a seller of "business opportunities" for over 40 years. He's an expert in the field. 

As you will now see this Illinois situation does not prevent Ken Lewis from selling product in Illinois stores or selling ONGOING Business Opportunities in Illinois! 

Before Ken decided to sell Xtreme with this business partner in Florida, 
Ken Lewis was already CEO and President of a Nevada Corporation: K L N Beverage Company, Inc. 

KLN's main product was MC-2, an energy drink that Ken Lewis had selling all over the United States, and over seas. 

While Ken was in Illinois he decided to start a new corporation to Franchise Xtreme Energy drink. Ken founded Hip Hop Marketing as an Illinois corporation. He was living there in the Chicago area distributing/setting up hundreds of accounts for MC-2 his other product at the time… 

Some time after he established Hip Hop Marketing to distribute Xtreme Drink... 5 people from Long Island, NY decided they wanted to franchise that product. 

In exchange for their purchase ($34K) they were provided training (accounts were set up in their NYC area) Xtreme product shipped to them from Florida, and everything their contract stated was done/being done in the time frame stated by the contract. 

Shortly after the deal was made, one of the guys in Long Island said he was paranoid that the other Xtreme franchisers in his area were going to steal his locations. 

This is called, trying to get your money back because you're scared. 

Business is not for everyone. 

Because Ken Lewis had already fulfilled his contract and the guy was given his product and locations, his business was up and running, Ken Lewis had no obligation to refund the franchise money, ESPCIALLY considering all the work Ken put into shipping him product and getting his account locations set up… as well as giving him banners, displays, posters, etc! 

But that didn't matter, this guy in Long Island was determined to get his money back. 

So, the guy hired an attorney to help him file a CIVIL (personal) law suit, and he also spread slanderous information about Ken Lewis, he did anything he could to get his money back. 


Ken's attorney advised him to put an end to the guy in Long Island by working out a deal with Illinois 

His attorney worked out a deal which was that he could no longer sell "BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES" in the state of Illinois. <more on business opportunities later. 

Illinois courts never charged Ken Lewis a fine, never put any hand cuffs on him, never did anything other than ban him from selling franchises in their state - - this was a deal worked out by Ken's attorney to EVAPORATE the problematic guy in Long Island. 

Let's find out why taking this deal made the most sense... 


Contact Info 
2400 S Cimarron Road 
Suite 120B
Las Vegas, NV 89117

^^^^ I will be in Vegas to check all of this out next month and report on it. Ken Lewis has told me it's a 1 man show. 

"THE CLNP SCAM JUST GOT FUNNIER_______________________________________________________MUST_SEE!!!!!!" 

That link takes us to a post with an image from the website and says CLNP is a “scam” and it’s “funny” because they‘re using someone else‘s Kiosk design? CLNP does not create anything.…… I just wish I didn't own it. 


"Read about how laughable CLNP’s “products” are": 

huh? This takes us to images of real CLNP products and we’re supposed to laugh about that? I can‘t imagine what kind of jokes the inventor of  String had to put up with, but who cares it does Millions in revenue! I don‘t care how meaningless or simplistic a product is as long as the distribution/sales network is in place. That being said, CLNP‘s products are crap products imo, and not professional products, IMO! 

"Read about how obvious Ken Lewis’ tricks are": 

Here we see a major flaw on the CLNP website. This was a “trick“, it was a not a marketing flaw that occured. 

"Read about CLNP & Ken Lewis’ problems with Nevada, Florida, and Copyright issues": 

Here we see a screen shot of CLNP status. Here is the CURRENT screen shot of the same website proving CLNP is a corporation: 



As far as Trademark issues; I don't think this is an issue at all. Pepsi and Coke steal more ideas/trademark names than any thief on earth! The meaning is, whether a a company is active with their trademark name or not makes no difference to the Elite corporations if they want to take it they generally will. So what is your point? Let's get with the times.. Re-load has Ken Lewis’ Name all over it we all know it. 


If readers are being alert, they can see the highlighted phrase "marketing agreement". 

The CEO of Marz Sprays with his attorneys, sat down with Ken Lewis and his attorneys at a meeting in Las Vegas, and together an agreement was concluded for Ken Lewis TO HELP Marz Sprays find new distributors/franchisers! Thus, the agreement set up Ken Lewis/CLNP as a FRANCHISE distributor, not a STORE/Account distributor! 

"Read about the experience someone had with CLNP & Ken Lewis": 


INFORMATION AGAIN! Cleanpath Resources is active in FL! 



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