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China Teletech Holding, Inc. (CNCT)

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                BIG NEWS IN THE 10-K - 4/15/15 !!            
News News Alert: Annual Report (10-k) 04/15/2015 05:37:58 PM

"Following the acquisition of Shenzhen Jinke Energy Development Co., Ltd. in January 2015, China Teletech Holding, Inc. ("we" or the "Company") is a manufacture of lithium-ion polymer batteries."

"Jinke Energy develops and manufactures lithium-ion polymer batteries.  Located in Guangdong, China, our products are sold and distributed both domestically and internationally"



Alibaba tags have JK-energy as 50-100m company 

As a high-tech enterprise owning 20,000m2 workshop and one of the best R&D team in China, Shenzhen Jinke Energy Development Ltd. specializes in R&D and manufacture of Lithium-ion polymer batteries. Our battery products have been sold to Southeast Asia, USA, Europe and worldwide. Our Li-ion polymer battery products and our company have received international safety certification, such as SGS, CE, RoHS and ISO9001 as well. With many years' professional knowledge and rich experience in battery industry, we will make sizing, fitting, ordering and application of battery products easy. Wherever you are located, the after-sales service, the reliable product and highly motivated Jinke team will give customer satisfaction. Jinke, its people and its product, will support you from the start by delivering quality and reliability. We can also provide customized product for almost any battery application, and we have successfully launched such products to global market, for example, applications including robot, e-Bike, e-Scooter, military mobile power station as well as special PCM and BMS. It will be greatly appreciated if you can send us enquiry with detailed specifications and description, so that we would be able to offer you initial design with draft and/or prototype.
Specialtieslithium ion battery, lithium polymer battery, ultra thin lipo battery, e-bike battery

Lithium-ion batteries are incredibly popular these days. You can find them in laptopsPDAscell phones and iPods. They're so common because, pound for pound, they're some of the most energetic rechargeable batteries available.
Lithium-ion batteries are popular because they have a number of important advantages over competing technologies:
They're generally much lighter than other types of rechargeable batteries of the same size. The electrodes of a lithium-ion battery are made of lightweight lithium and carbon. Lithium is also a highly reactive element, meaning that a lot of energy can be stored in its atomic bonds. This translates into a very high energy density for lithium-ion batteries. Here is a way to get a perspective on the energy density. A typical lithium-ion battery can store 150 watt-hours of electricity in 1 kilogram of battery. A NiMH (nickel-metal hydride) battery pack can store perhaps 100 watt-hours per kilogram, although 60 to 70 watt-hours might be more typical. A lead-acid battery can store only 25 watt-hours per kilogram. Using lead-acid technology, it takes 6 kilograms to store the same amount of energy that a 1 kilogram lithium-ion battery can handle. That's a huge difference.
They hold their charge. A lithium-ion battery pack loses only about 5 percent of its charge per month, compared to a 20 percent loss per month for NiMH batteries.
They have no memory effect, which means that you do not have to completely discharge them before recharging, as with some other battery chemistries.
Lithium-ion batteries can handle hundreds of charge/discharge cycles.
Shenzhen Jinke Energy has REVENUES between $50,000,000 & $100,000,000 & is a Major player on a GLOBAL scale in the LITHIUM ION market !!!

Shenzhen Jinke Energy employs around 300 people and is sponsored by ALIBABA ( One of the largest Companies on the planet )

SJD ( Shenzhen Jinke Energy Development ) has PRODUCTS GALORE !!! This Company is like no other.... 

SJD is  THE REAL DEAL !!!!!! They are SUPER TRANSPARENT !!! $CNCT is an OTC Company that has NASDAQ written all over it !!!!!!! $CNCT is gonna pull a LEBRON JAMES and go straight from High School to the NBA !!!!!! SJD has been verified by ALIBABA !!!!

$CNCT has ASSETS of $11,400,000 
    SEPTEMBER 30,     DECEMBER 31,  
    2014     2013  
Current assets            
Cash and equivalents   $ 309,351     $ 539,946  
Accounts receivable, net     3,632,086       2,121,907  
Inventory     4,404,408       4,448,776  
Other receivables and prepaid expenses     -       19,639  
Advances to suppliers     2,536,490       2,401,558  
Due from related parties     -       -  
Total current assets     10,882,335       9,531,826  
Plant and equipment     320,969       358,354  
Other assets     130,231       125,049  
TOTAL ASSETS   $ 11,333,535     $ 10,015,229

Based off of ASSETS alone , $CNCT is worth $.12  !!!!!! ( Divide the ASSETS by the Outstanding shares ~ 92,000,000 ~ )
$CNCT owns 51% of SJD & SJD has REVENUES between $50,000,000 & $100,000,000 . To determine the value of a Company there are many factors involved but the simplest way is  to value the Company at " 2X " revs generally speaking.
OTC stocks never have ASSETS !!! $CNCT is a very very very very very very special stock 

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