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Cannabusiness Group Inc. (CBGI)

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The CannaBusiness Group, Inc.


Corporate Contact

The CannaBusiness Group, Inc.
Irvine, Ca. 92618

Phone: (949) 936-2596
Fax: (888) 391-9353


Welcome to The CannaBusiness Group, Inc.

The CannaBusiness Group, Inc. is a strategic real estate acquisition, leasing, and management firm whose primary focus is on zoning issues. We acquire commercial property or land, and lease out the facilities for Agricultural, Industrial, Commercial and Retail, whether small or large scale clients.

Property Management

The CannaBusiness Group, Inc. manages a portfolio of properties that it acquires and leases. We provide oversight on each and every property we manage. This can include complete architectural design and subsequent build-outs, general support, landscaping, general up-keep, and state of the art security systems.


The CannaBusiness Group, Inc. developed an acquisition plan to acquire companies that sell products and services to include Security Services, E-Commerce Store Fronts for both Grow and Dispensary operations; Technology Solutions; Software Solutions; and miscellaneous solutions.

Products and Services

Real Estate, Grow Operation and Dispensary Operation Products and Services  


The NorCal Connection, LLC
National Security Solutions, Inc.
17.3 Acres of land located in Butte County, Ca.

Marijuana Operations: Industry Outlook

In recent years States have increasingly moved to legalize marijuana for medical purposes, as well as to implement regulations for organizations that produce and distribute cannabis. The growing acceptance of medical marijuana is providing operators and investors with unprecedented opportunities. Furthermore, the federal government has signaled its tacit acceptance of these state actions.
Full state legalization, in the form of both Medical Use and Adult Use state laws, has been an elusive goal of marijuana proponents for many years. Now, the landmark implementation of Adult Use regulations, whereby all adults 21 and older can legally purchase cannabis from licensed retailers in the states of Washington and Colorado, will become a reality in 2014 and will change the industry forever. Seven new states are likely to seek Adult Use regulations by 2017.
Contrary to federal indications of medical cannabis enforcement disengagement early in the Obama Administration, there have been sporadic, and occasionally severe, IRS and DEA crackdowns on some dispensary and cultivation operations. The most recent US Department of Justice memo on marijuana policy, however, signals deference to laws in states that enforce tight regulatory systems. Experts anticipate federal interference in state legal marijuana businesses to cease or decrease for the remainder of the Administration’s tenure.
Legal marijuana business practices are quickly professionalizing, adapting to new state regulations, and employing increasingly sophisticated business models and investor strategies to raise capital, increase scales, and access new markets.
Whole industry sectors are rising around businesses engaged in the legal marijuana supply chain. Ranging from security to insurance, advertising to professional services, and ecommerce to horticulture products, the companies catering to the businesses that make and sell marijuana products are some of the most dynamic ventures in the industry.
The US national legal marijuana market value is now assessed at $1.44 billion, comprising all states that have active and open sales of cannabis to people legally allowed to possess it under state law
The five-year national market potential is $10.2 billion, which is more than a 700 percent increase above the current national market value. Gains will come in the form of increased demand in existing state markets, as well as from new state markets coming online within a five-year horizon.
Adult Use in Washington and Colorado is projected to add $208 million and $359 million to their respective markets in 2014. In addition to forecasting how these markets will grow in coming years, this report examines implementation dynamics of new regulations and how Adult Use sales will impact the Medical Use market segment. ArcView Market Research predicts 14 states will adopt Adult Use regulations within five years.

Pew Research said both Republicans and Democrats are divided over legalization. Seventy-three percent of liberals favor legalization, and about half of conservative and moderate Democrats agree.
The marijuana market has expanded from an illegal consumer pastime to one with growing investment opportunities.
According to Pew Research, 52 percent of people say marijuana should be legalized, compared to 12 percent in 1969. Expenses are adding up on petitioning efforts on the state level. Almost $145,000 has been spent on lobbying in Colorado this fiscal year, for example, according to an analysis of data from the secretary of state done by a Colorado newspaper. And according to marijuana industry consensus, it’s estimated that it will cost $10 million in order for California to fully legalize marijuana.
Commercial medical marijuana sales are estimated at $1.5 billion per year but are rapidly growing, according to Medical Marijuana Business Daily. Looking forward, projected sales are $3 billion in 2014 and $6 billion in 2016.

 National Trends:
Marijuana reform is sweeping the nation at the state level, and there is ongoing dialog at the Federal level. By the end of 2012, over 80% of the US had introduced some type of reduced penalties for cannabis.
As of 2013, 20 States and the District of Columbia have legalized medical use of Marijuana, with 8 more states introducing legalizing bills on their ballots in 2014. 

Transfer Agent

American Registrar & Transfer Co.
342 E 900 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Phone: (801) 363-9065
Fax: (801) 363-9066

Share Structure

Shares Outstanding            183,095,893      as of March 31, 2014
Float                                    121,543,244
Authorized Shares               500,000,000
#29825  Sticky Note CBGI Suspended by the SEC. EarnestDD 05/13/14 11:29:18 AM
#31459   That's all i needed to know.. lol, sta loose 09/29/14 05:02:07 PM
#31458   Buying a Grey sheet stock is risky at best. EarnestDD 09/29/14 11:36:09 AM
#31457   Yes ... Serial Scammer Cummings is behind the EarnestDD 09/29/14 11:34:20 AM
#31456   Doing the same thing 'kttie88' Buying as mckinley1 09/29/14 07:05:11 AM
#31455   Is this another M. Cummings play? sta loose 09/27/14 11:13:40 PM
#31454   Consistently Sub Penny now. EarnestDD 09/25/14 08:16:11 PM
#31451   It a Broke Grey Sheeter with NO real EarnestDD 09/23/14 10:34:19 AM
#31450   and if it hits trip zeros I have kittie88 09/22/14 08:15:29 PM
#31449   Firmly into Sub-pennies now. Down 27%. EarnestDD 09/22/14 06:48:45 PM
#31448   Good. I'm back in it kittie88 09/22/14 05:55:11 PM
#31447   The CBGI Scam hit Sub-Penny with a big EarnestDD 09/22/14 12:14:29 PM
#31446   Volume remains Pathetic on this Grey Sheet Scam. EarnestDD 09/17/14 06:28:53 PM
#31445   Interest is building with CBGI. Looks like we mckinley1 09/17/14 03:22:17 PM
#31444   SEC relegated this Scam to the Grey Sheets EarnestDD 09/16/14 10:54:51 AM
#31443   New Rating?? TRY Fraud for the CBGI Scam. EarnestDD 09/16/14 10:53:48 AM
#31442   SEC Suspended this Scam to warn investors. EarnestDD 09/16/14 10:53:03 AM
#31441   No Assets and Pathetic Revenues. That the EarnestDD 09/16/14 10:52:22 AM
#31440   Broke and Insolvent. Thats this Scams best description. EarnestDD 09/16/14 10:51:37 AM
#31439   CBGI is on the Constant Scam list only. EarnestDD 09/16/14 10:50:42 AM
#31437   CANNABUSINESS GROUP cashcow3 09/16/14 07:59:19 AM
#31436   new rating...bullish ! cashcow3 09/16/14 07:56:07 AM
#31435   CBGI "Strong Buy" cashcow3 09/16/14 07:44:59 AM
#31434   Many possibilities for CBGI. I wouldn't sell a cashcow3 09/16/14 07:44:40 AM
#31433   Norcal\CBGI excellent companies with a bright future. Great cashcow3 09/16/14 07:44:13 AM
#31432   CBGI has been a constant on the list cashcow3 09/16/14 07:43:02 AM
#31431   Volume??? 37,600 shares? Give me my 0.01 order kittie88 09/15/14 11:53:03 AM
#31430   Looking for Sub Pennuy soon on this Scam. EarnestDD 09/15/14 11:36:53 AM
#31429   CBGI-Volume increasing and we should see about a mckinley1 09/15/14 10:48:57 AM
#31428   Pathetic Volume continues on this Scam. That EarnestDD 09/13/14 12:10:43 PM
#31427   CBGI Scam ... Grey Sheets trading, matched buys EarnestDD 09/13/14 12:08:48 PM
#31426   SEC Suspension of the CBGI Scam was an EarnestDD 09/13/14 12:07:16 PM
#31425   Suspended Scam relegated to Grey Sheets. Its pathetic EarnestDD 09/13/14 12:05:49 PM
#31424   Broke and Insolvent. No Assets of any EarnestDD 09/13/14 12:04:36 PM
#31423   CBGI ... next stop Triple Zeros, Its just EarnestDD 09/13/14 12:03:33 PM
#31422   Sub Penny .. thats where the CBGI Scam EarnestDD 09/13/14 12:02:38 PM
#31421   Yes no one is selling that low. I mckinley1 09/13/14 07:47:31 AM
#31420   volume increases day by day..! cashcow3 09/13/14 07:15:51 AM
#31418   CBGI "Strong Buy" cashcow3 09/13/14 07:13:00 AM
#31417   CBGI is actually stronger then before! SEC not cashcow3 09/13/14 07:12:21 AM
#31416   Many possibilities for CBGI. I wouldn't sell a cashcow3 09/13/14 07:10:35 AM
#31415   Norcal\CBGI excellent companies with a bright future. Great cashcow3 09/13/14 07:09:35 AM
#31414   CBGI has been a constant on the list cashcow3 09/13/14 07:08:48 AM
#31413, no, never.. cashcow3 09/13/14 07:08:06 AM
#31411   Nope...nothing. Couldn't get a single share. shakamac 09/12/14 06:41:25 PM
#31410   Same here but mine is AON. I'll let kittie88 09/12/14 04:26:41 PM
#31409   Nobody is selling at .01. I have shakamac 09/12/14 02:41:05 PM
#31408   PATIENCE. Triple Zeros coming for this Scam EarnestDD 09/12/14 02:36:50 PM
#31407   Take another look, Sub Penny coming on this scam. EarnestDD 09/12/14 02:35:38 PM
#31406   NOPE ... right back down 8% ... and EarnestDD 09/12/14 02:33:54 PM
#31402   below 0.01 sold nobody, all waiting for the cashcow3 09/12/14 01:25:38 PM