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Last Post: 9/19/2017 10:48:57 AM - Followers: 1122 - Board type: Premium - Posts Today: 22

the following was written by the founding moderator of this board,harbs
for me, the most profitable and consistent trades i make on a daily basis are the bounce trades...typically intra-day bounce plays..and the harder and longer they fall, the higher they bounce...

anything that is crashing down and belongs on watch belongs's, pinks, big board stocks - all of 'em...we run scans all day long - looking for those dropping at least 15-20%, or a stock that has been beaten down for days or weeks straight and finally turns up, a reversal of sorts..

ideally i'd like this to just be a thread where we can post a ticker during the day and not much more needs to be said...any bad news or anything causing the tank would be helpful, though...

this is not a long term thread, a break-out thread, an accumulation thread, a dd thread...let's nail the bottoms..

THIS IS FOR BOUNCES ONLY...(and reverse bounces - shorting)

the timid and faint of heart need not apply...

ps - i appreciate all of you that make your calls real you can see, that is what i try and do ( sometimes i'll even post where my bid is, before i'm filled, or may never get filled )..bottom line is protect and build your own accounts, but if you have the time it's nice..( obviously, when you're flipping a naz 20 times in a day, it might not make a lot of sense to post all the trades )

and i appreciate the calls real-time because that helps people make money - it's not to say that anyone should buy or sell when i or you do, but heck, what good is it to tell us after the many times does a stock close up 1,000% and the supposed guru posts after hours -"oh, btw, i loaded the boat on xyz this am - made bank" hmmm, thanks..

ok, one other trade..when a stock shoots up like crazy, i like to call them "naz-crackers" lol..well we try and short those for the reverse 1 of huge volume always scary to short into unless it's just an over done momo play...but days 2 and 3 are usually the best spot..

If you like bouncers check out our option board for quick gainers

Cannabis Stocks News
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#249061  Sticky Note Don't tell anyone I said this, but you Flobewan 05/23/13 07:40:10 AM
#189389  Sticky Note The strategy to play a huge tanker. griff100 12/09/11 02:42:38 PM
#162209  Sticky Note actually that is exactly true.. harbs 01/24/11 02:47:18 PM
#156154  Sticky Note Please keep politics OFF this board! cintrix 10/07/10 09:08:40 AM
#303046   a .09 bounce already awesome saj 09/19/17 11:21:36 AM
#303045   OT riding ALRT up here, suspicious news but smokeeater 09/19/17 10:48:57 AM
#303044   took my eyes off it missed the dip saj 09/19/17 10:48:35 AM
#303043   SPI giving some nice trades today though smokeeater 09/19/17 10:46:40 AM
#303042   lucky indeed! been stealing some dd, seems the smokeeater 09/19/17 10:44:19 AM
#303041   i bought at .25 in pre and was saj 09/19/17 09:59:17 AM
#303040   Nice saj 09/19/17 09:58:21 AM
#303039   SPI definitely not a buy at the open, smokeeater 09/19/17 09:57:06 AM
#303038   sold half dcth cintrix 09/19/17 09:50:56 AM
#303037   looking at chart looks like had a deal smokeeater 09/19/17 09:48:14 AM
#303036   stated strategy alternatives? cintrix 09/19/17 09:46:59 AM
#303035   SNCR got some in $10.3's smokeeater 09/19/17 09:44:35 AM
#303034   SNCR -40% tanking hard off open, looking why smokeeater 09/19/17 09:43:17 AM
#303033   yeah was watching that dive yesterday - those cintrix 09/19/17 09:40:32 AM
#303032   XKE -25% down again, looks like a way smokeeater 09/19/17 09:36:48 AM
#303031   to the moon or higher haha saj 09/19/17 09:35:17 AM
#303030   ok, we are good to go cintrix 09/19/17 09:34:03 AM
#303029   g/l bought some yesterday at .067 saj 09/19/17 09:33:28 AM
#303028   DCTH with good news and it dips at cintrix 09/19/17 09:32:16 AM
#303027   Thanks Rob, didn't understand the news but do saj 09/19/17 09:28:31 AM
#303026   SPI confusing, were trading as ADRs, now as smokeeater 09/19/17 09:26:13 AM
#303025   SPI .3 -34% failed to meet nasd listing requirements saj 09/19/17 08:22:14 AM
#303024   Bought some MAT eod - down because of cintrix 09/18/17 04:05:39 PM
#303023   guess it's going to 200 by EOD Churak 09/18/17 01:53:15 PM
#303022   ugh...I think we'll be saying that in 2 Churak 09/18/17 12:19:29 PM
#303021   Same place my 22 buck shares are. cintrix 09/18/17 12:10:21 PM
#303020   unreal...where are my 165 calls? Churak 09/18/17 11:39:56 AM
#303019   NVDA breaks 190 cintrix 09/18/17 11:27:03 AM
#303018   that's a mouthful for a pet... Churak 09/18/17 07:35:12 AM
#303017   Cramer named his dog Nvidia. cintrix 09/18/17 07:23:19 AM
#303016   And Cramer... Churak 09/18/17 07:11:50 AM
#303015   Holy cow, Batman! This is all because cintrix 09/18/17 07:02:21 AM
#303014   and still going early PM...up another $2.50 already Churak 09/18/17 05:28:03 AM
#303013   har har thank goodness not cintrix 09/15/17 05:56:08 PM
#303012   And here I thought it was your kids Churak 09/15/17 05:55:03 PM
#303011   You mean good thing I held my kids cintrix 09/15/17 05:54:07 PM
#303010   wow...less than 2 years ago...good thing your kids Churak 09/15/17 05:52:19 PM
#303009   A certain someone wished me luck on it: cintrix 09/15/17 05:51:11 PM
#303008   eah, whats 80 grand. I would've never held earlylight 09/15/17 05:21:41 PM
#303007   Yep...speaking from experience! griff100 09/15/17 05:13:59 PM
#303006   I wouldn't talk if I were you, Bucko Churak 09/15/17 05:00:37 PM
#303005   ouchie Churak 09/15/17 04:59:44 PM
#303004   It couldn't have been if you remember it...... griff100 09/15/17 04:32:19 PM
#303003   I think I had 1000 shares at about earlylight 09/15/17 04:32:02 PM
#303002   Sadly, it wasn't that long ago... Churak 09/15/17 04:25:03 PM
#303001   Man. UR old earlylight 09/15/17 04:21:42 PM
#303000   and still going AH Churak 09/15/17 04:19:43 PM
#302999   I remember when TRIXIE told me about it Churak 09/15/17 04:19:29 PM
#302998   I remember when I held it at 100 earlylight 09/15/17 04:03:50 PM
#302997   nvda just hit 180 cintrix 09/15/17 03:56:58 PM