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Applied DNA Sciences Inc. (APDN)

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The Applied DNA Sciences logo was designed to create a clear and memorable impression of a dynamic, innovative company. The logo is in the form of a double-stranded DNA helix, with the blue lines representing the four bases, ACGT, that are the building blocks of every DNA code or sequence. The curved font and helix combined with the smooth, straight blue lines communicate a forward-moving culture, with clear technological goals. The color black communicates value, substance and a sense of potential and possibility, combined with blue that conveys trust, dependability, security, with a modern technological sensibility.





Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)

Frequently Asked Questions for DNA Marking
November 8, 2012


Q. What end products/equipment will this new requirement help to protect?

A. The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) top priority is warfighter support. As a U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) combat support agency, we are firmly committed to a robust counterfeit mitigation strategy that protects our warfighters and the vital missions that they perform. The DLA is modifying microcircuit technical requirements to help prevent counterfeits from entering DLA's Supply Chain by requiring deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) marking of authentic products. The DLA procures and supplies microcircuits for a broad range of applications within weapons systems and support equipment. This new requirement will help to protect DoD weapon systems. Many items which DLA manages are used in more than one weapon system. The specific list and number of parts which will be subject to the requirement is being defined by DLA using a phased-in approach. While the initial commodity being targeted is microelectronics, the technology could be utilized with other commodities. DLA appreciates our supply chain partners' recognition of the significant risk that counterfeit semiconductors pose to
the men and woman serving our country. It is a threat that demands immediate and thoughtful countermeasures. We welcome contributions by our industry partners, including groups such as the Semiconductor Industry Association, in our efforts to prevent counterfeit semiconductors from entering the DLA Supply Chain.

Q. What are the new requirements for DNA marking when selling to the DLA?

A. The new requirement is a DNA marking for DLA-managed items within Federal Supply Class 5962, Electronic Microcircuits. DLA deems the microcircuits at a high risk for counterfeiting. In August, 2012, DLA placed notices on the DLA Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS) and DLA Supplier Information Resource Center (SIRC) web sites introducing the new marking requirement. The initial requirement applied to a subset of microcircuits called Generalized Emulation of Microcircuits (GEM), which are supplied to DLA by SRI International. DLA is also applying the DNA marking requirement to all DLA-managed items within FSC 5962 after November 15, 2012.

Q. Does the DNA marking requirement apply only to DLA requirements?

A. Yes, the DNA marking requirement only applies to solicitations/awards issued by DLA for FSC 5962 items.

Q. Will this apply to any part built to an FSC 5962 standard microcircuit drawing (SMD) or only parts sold directly to DLA?

A. The DNA marking requirement only applies to solicitations/awards issued by DLA for FSC 5962 items sold directly to DLA.

Q. Will prime contractors need to validate compliance to DNA markers?

A. Currently the DLA requirement applies to specific solicitations for FSC 5962 items provided directly to DLA. Prime contractors may consider the DNA marking technique in their implementation of any electronic counterfeit item prevention programs, but are not required to by DLA at this time.

Q. How will open contracts be impacted?

A. DLA will evaluate open contracts on a case-by-case basis to determine whether a modification will be initiated to incorporate the new requirement. Open contracts judged to have the potential for significant future product deliveries or risk are likely to be modified, or possibly canceled in order to issue a new solicitation with the DNA marking requirement.

Q. How will existing inventories be impacted (e.g., at the manufacturers, authorized distributors)?

A. DNA marking is not intended to validate existing inventory, or existing product in the field. DLA uses other tools and processes to meet this need. DNA marking, in conjunction with trusted suppliers and approved DLA vetting processes, will apply to all new receipts of FSC 5962 in our depots.

Q. How does this affect suppliers?

A. Suppliers, who provide DLA FSC 5962 items, will be required to provide items marked with a unique botanical SigNature® DNA mark supplied by Applied DNA Sciences or its authorized licensees, if any. The DNA mark used shall be unique to the supplier of the part. Suppliers can apply a covert (invisible) DNA mark on the part. The contractor's ink utilized for part marking can be infused with the SigNature® DNA material and applied overtly. In addition, suppliers will be required to retain traceability documentation that demonstrates the items provided under the contract to DLA have been marked with DNA material produced by Applied DNA Sciences or an authorized licensee, and that the DNA marking is unique to the contractor. Any supplier which sells directly to DLA must comply with solicitation requirements for the DNA marking. DLA will assess potential suppliers during the contract award process. Suppliers that want to be competitive for supplying FSC 5962 must use the DNA mark and submit a fair and reasonably priced quote/offer that fully complies with all other terms and conditions of the solicitation.

Q. Will Qualified Products List (QPL) microcircuits be required to have DNA marking?

A. Yes, in general, advanced microcircuits and hybrid microcircuits comprise FSC 5962 and have specifications for qualification data (i.e., on the Qualified Products List). These items supplied to DLA must have the DNA marking. The requirement to include the DNA mark shall be governed by the specific provisions of a solicitation and DLA's related acquisition strategy.

Q. Will QSLD distributors have to place a DNA mark on the microcircuit?

A. Yes, effective November 15, 2012, for new DLA solicitations and contracts for items falling within FSC 5962, suppliers need to include the DNA mark.

Won't work/credibility
Q. How much of a difference do you think this will make in the fight against counterfeit

A. DLA's top priority is warfighter support. As a DoD agency, we are firmly committed to a robust counterfeit prevention strategy that protects our warfighters and the vital missions they perform. By requiring DNA marking of authentic products we mitigate counterfeits from entering our supply system. The new marking requirement is just one tool however in a comprehensive DLA program to protect DLA Supply Chain from counterfeits. Other tools include: product testing, buying from qualified and reputable sources, and software systems that detect anomalies in the buying process. The DLA strategy includes the continuous application of new or updated tools to detect and prevent counterfeit items as the tactics of the counterfeiters continuously evolve. DLA is mandating authentication marking of the microcircuits using DNA for now, based on a successful R&D project. We are open to other solutions and tools as we learn about them. DLA's efforts to socialize the concept of authentication marking and encourage broader acceptance is a positive influence on the DOD supply chain participants' risk management practices and solutions development. DLA developed a Request for Information for authentication marking, which is open to additional technological solutions. DLA issued the Request for Information on October 15, 2012 with responses due by November 15, 2012. DNA marking is not the single cure for the counterfeit problem. The initial DNA marking R&D project successfully marked approximately 14,000 parts at a domestic original component manufacturer (OCM). The second project marked more than 350,000 at a major offshore fabrication facility. DLA also engaged one of the world's largest nonprofit research and development organizations to attempt to defeat the technology. To date, those chemical and mechanical defeat efforts have not been successful. DLA has also forensically authenticated 100 percent of DNA collection swabs submitted during a trial implementation. These results and others like it have provided DLA a basis for moving forward with implementation.

Q. Has Applied DNA Science's technology been adequately tested?

A. DLA views DNA marking as a proven method to combat counterfeiting for electronics and other commodities. DNA marking has been sufficiently tested to meet the needs of DLA. DLA testing included a comprehensive R&D project to test the feasibility of using DNA marking for FSC 5962. The R&D effort lasted over 18 months and included industry participation from Raytheon, Northrup Grumman, Altera, SMT, and SRI International.
Additionally, through one of DLA's R&D partners, an independent lab was contracted to "defeat" the DNA marking. The lab conducted extensive attempts to defeat the mark and was unsuccessful. Applied DNA Sciences has also done survivability testing. Some of the surface types tested by Applied DNA Science include aluminum, ceramic, glass, gold, plastic, and some metals. The Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering (CALCE) and the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) are each conducting further research. Such research represents opportunities for industry support of those continuing efforts.

Not vetted in industry group
Q. Did DLA solicit input from stakeholders before issuing the mandate?

A. Over the past 2 years, DLA engaged industry to a reasonable degree as part of the DNA marking R&D project. The SigNature® DNA technology and DLA evolving plans for microcircuits have been briefed extensively at a wide variety of venues. Some of those include the Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) and International Microelectronics and Packaging Society conferences. In addition, we have addressed other government events such as the Missile Defense Agency's Parts, Materials, and Processes Board (PMPB) and NASA's Quality Leadership Forum (QLF). DLA also engaged several industry stakeholders including Altera, Rochester Electronics, SRI International, Texas Instruments, and others. DLA received both industry support and objections during industry engagement. DLA is extending its efforts to engage industry in discussing DNA marking and other solutions. Recently DLA met with representatives of the Semiconductor Industry Association which had member attendance at the many outreach activities of the DNA marking R&D project over the last two years. DLA reiterated the Agency's desire to work with industry and other government agencies to address the problem of counterfeit microcircuits infiltrating the military supply chain. DLA participated in the JEDEC JC-13 Government Liaison Committee Meeting, October 1-4, 2012, in Columbus, OH. The Request for Information regarding other technologies illustrates DLA's continuing strategy to engage industry.

Concern with Applied DNA Sciences
Q. Will the agency contract directly with Applied DNA Sciences to provide this service?

A. DLA is not contracting with Applied DNA Sciences or any other company to provide the marking material. Applied DNA Sciences may enter into contracts with companies that want to supply DNA marked microcircuits to DLA. DLA will initially contract with Applied DNA Sciences for certain services, such as forensic analysis testing of microcircuits to confirm whether they are properly marked with the correct DNA marking material.

Q. Why has Applied DNA Sciences not provided more information?

A. Applied DNA Sciences continues to work diligently to address inquiries it receives. The company is somewhat constrained by the DNA Marking program start-up elements under the purview of the DLA. DLA is working to inform Applied DNA Sciences of additional programmatic bases needed for their ability to completely respond.

Q. Is Applied DNA Sciences a viable, credible and stable company?

A. Applied DNA Sciences is one of a number of industry partners DLA has in combating counterfeiting. Applied DNA Sciences has demonstrated its viability, credibility, and stability to DLA's satisfaction. As with any commodity, DLA has in-place contingency plans in the event a primary supplier is not abley to support DLA's requirements.

Sole source; competition
Q. Why is Applied DNA Sciences the only source for the DNA markings?

A. DLA is mandating authentication marking of the microcircuits using an Applied DNA Sciences product for now based on a successful, extensive DLA Research and Development project using and testing the product and technology. Concurrent with mandating authentication marking using an Applied DNA Sciences product, DLA is requesting input concerning possible alternative sources of both DNA marking and alternative marking technologies through a Request of Information that was released on October 15, 2012.

Q. Who are Applied DNA Sciences' authorized licensees that can supply the marking product?

A. Information about any Applied DNA Sciences' authorized licensee program should be obtained by contacting Applied DNA Sciences directly.

Q. Will the DNA marking requirement greatly increase semiconductor manufacturing costs?

A. DLA recognizes that implementing DNA marking will likely increase costs, and that the costs will be passed on to DLA during the procurement of the parts. The costs are not expected to be significant. DLA accepts that the additional costs are the result of the additional security needed to protect our warfighters from counterfeits. Applied DNA Sciences is trying to reduce the cost of their technology. Applied DNA Sciences has shared pricing data with DLA headquarters, DLA Land & Maritime, and several microcircuit providers. Based on the pricing data the costs of their technology are decreasing. We expect this trend to continue with greater adoption of the technology and other competitive factors. DLA recognizes that implementing DNA marking might create additional logistical requirements for suppliers, which will most likely be passed on to DLA through increased costs for acquiring microcircuits with SigNature® DNA.

Alternate solutions
Q. Why was Applied DNA Sciences named in the announcement? Is it unusual for DLA to single out a specific company?

A. DLA selected Applied DNA Science marking technology (i.e. SigNature® DNA) to help mitigate counterfeits for microcircuits under the (FSC) 5962, after nearly two years of extensive research and development (R&D) on the Applied DNA Sciences' solution. Applied DNA Science is a solution that supports DLA's immediate need to protect the warfighter from counterfeits. DLA anticipates that other marking and identification technologies will be identified through its Request for Information on alternatives to DNA marking released October 15, 2012.

Q. Does DLA buy similar technology from other companies to curb the supply of counterfeit parts in the supply chain? If so, which?

A. DLA is not buying Applied DNA Science's technology. But DLA is buying some Applied DNA Science's services and equipment for DLA use. DLA is open to other solutions and tools as we learn about them, but at this time DLA is not currently buying similar technology. We also appreciate industry support for such anti-counterfeiting initiatives, including those associated with interdiction and law enforcement. DLA agrees with those in industry who believe much needs doing in this arena. Realistically, we recognize that there will never be enough resources to keep out counterfeits by enforcement alone. DLA's efforts to socialize the concept of authentication marking and encourage broader acceptance is a positive influence on the DOD supply chain participants' risk management practices and solutions development. DLA issued a Request for Information on October 15, 2012, for authentication marking using additional technological solutions. Responses to the Request for Information are due by November 15, 2012. In the meantime we will continue to pursue the solution at hand. Delay in addressing the counterfeit threat is not a viable option. The sooner we begin to prevent and aggressively deter counterfeits, and the more difficult we make it for counterfeiters; the better we safeguard the men and women who serve our nation. DLA looks forward to a productive collaboration with our industry partners, including representative groups such as the Semiconductor Industry Association, in identifying and employing the best
weapons in this struggle against counterfeit electronics.

Defense Logistics Agency clause 52.211-9074



Link:  https://www.dibbs.bsm.dla.mil/notices/msgdspl.aspx?msgid=685


"Just as a person's DNA specifies all of their unique qualities, DNA can be used to mark and authenticate originality. It cannot be copied.

Applied DNA Sciences provides the ultimate DNA solutions designed to provide the highest level of security. From marking individual packaging to authenticating secure government documents, DNA is the only solution that will stand the test of time."

Who is the Defence Logistics Agency (DLA)  ?


The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is an agency in the United States Department of Defense, with more than 26,000 civilian and military personnel throughout the world. Located in 48 states and 28 countries, DLA provides supplies to the military services and supports their acquisition of weapons repair parts and other material.

Since its founding in 1961, DLA has been an integral part of the nation's military defense. It has also provided crucial relief to victims of natural disasters and humanitarian aid to those in need.

Overall, every day DLA receives more than 130,000 requisitions. The agency processes nearly 9,200 contract actions daily and does business with nearly 24,000 different suppliers.

Defense Supply Center Columbus to DLA Land and Maritime
Defense Supply Center Philadelphia to DLA Troop Support
Defense Supply Center Richmond to DLA Aviation
Defense Energy Support Center to DLA Energy
Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service to DLA Disposition Services
Defense Distribution Center to DLA Distribution
Defense Logistics Information Service to DLA Logistics Information Service
Document Automation and Production Service to DLA Document Services
Defense National Stockpile Center to DLA Strategic Materials

For the giant list of parts here is the link to the PDF.
Search for category "5962"


Discover how Applied DNA Sciences can help in your world

  • Cash- in-Transit

    The addition of DNA to cash degradation dye creates the ideal means for linking evidence and criminals to crimes. Deployment in the United Kingdom has yielded multiple criminal prosecutions and a discernible reduction of cash-in-transit attacks in several problem areas.

  • Textiles


    Product authentication for natural and man-made textiles is essential to maintaining profitability and consumer safety/satisfaction. Adding DNA markers to fabrics, threads and finished goods, and the analysis of inherent fiber DNA, can help restore order to the global textile community.

  • Electronics

    Applied DNA has been actively developing forensic DNA marking solutions that protect all electronic components - semiconductors, microchips, printed circuit boards (PCBs), resistors, capacitors, and routers. These solutions provide the muscle for supply chain security.

  • Documents, Packaging

    DNA takes document security to a forensic level

    DNA taggants are the most advanced and secure technology available to the printing and packaging industries to combat counterfeit products. APDN's SigNature® DNA taggants offer a high level of security and flexibility in a cost-effective and easy-to-use format to suit the requirements and budget of any company


  • Law Enforcement

    SigNature DNA is proving itself to be the Gold Standard crime fighting technology for the CViT industry. Easy detection and absolute authentication make our DNA ideal for marking offenders, evidence, merchandise or cash in a wide variety of law enforcement operations.

    DNANET is neighborhood marking used by British law enforcement to mark thousands of streets as protected by APDN's spray http://www.london-se1.co.uk/news/view/6523


The value of DNA-based law enforcement tool offered by Applied DNA Sciences, is well known in the United Kingdom. Recently, Applied DNA Sciences was awarded the Excellence in Policing award and POP ("Problem Oriented Policing") award. These awards recognized APDN's SigNature® DNA technology which helped the Lancashire constabulary to positively identify and prosecute perpetrators in the UK. In December 2011, APDN was awarded the coveted Tilley award from both Houses of Parliament for the contribution of SigNature DNA in the resolution of the Blackburn robbery case that resulted in five convictions with a total of 55 years in sentencing. In a separate case, SigNature DNA helped in the dismantling of a major UK drug ring where eleven cartel members were sentenced to a total of 31 years in prison.


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About Applied DNA Sciences

Just as a person's DNA specifies all of their unique qualities, DNA can be used to mark and authenticate originality. It cannot be copied.

Applied DNA Sciences provides the ultimate DNA solutions designed to provide the highest level of security. From marking individual packaging to authenticating secure government documents, DNA is the only solution that will stand the test of time.

The Primary DNA Solutions used to protect a product or the entire supply chain:

1. SigNature DNA - a unique DNA marker designed to mark an original item

2. BioMaterial GenoTyping - genomic DNA present in a natural material that is used to authenticate a product.

As an ancillary service, we also provide BioActive Ingredients to clients in the personal care and textile industry, who require high performance treatments and ingredients.

Applied DNA Sciences has patented technologies and commercial solutions that provide the most advanced forensic features available. For more information, please click here.

Click here to Download Info on Applied DNA

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LINK to 2012Q4 CONFERENCE CALL    http://seekingalpha.com/article/1188821-applied-dna-sciences-ceo-discusses-f1q13-results-earnings-call-transcript?part=single

BUCCOS17- Here's the link to the Dr's Presentation:http://wsw.com/webcast/imperial12/apdn/
You can register free just with name, company and email address, and then it takes you right to his presentation.

SMART DNA DEMO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDiuxDBZWlg

SWEDISH POLICE VIDEO PRAISING SMARTDNA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZ7kC_sHMCo

LIST OF OTHER APDN VIDEOS: http://www.youtube.com/user/appdnasciences

FOLLOW THIS LINK TO SEE ALL:  http://ih.advfn.com/p.php?pid=news&btn=&ctl00%24sb3%24tbq1=Get+Quote&as_values_IH=&ctl00%24sb3%24stb1=Search+iHub&symbol=OTCBB%3AAPDN&fulltext=&from_month=12&from_day=13&from_year=2012&order=desc&srcoptions[]=reg_news&srcoptions[]=nonreg_news&old_symbol=NB^APDN&old_fulltext=&force=1&last_ts=1355443199&p_n=1&p_count=0&p_ts=1355405400

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12/09/2011 8:30AM MWUS Applied DNA Sciences Reports Fiscal Year End 2011 Results OTCBB:APDN   Applied Dna Sciences
12/09/2011 6:01AM Form (10-K) Annual Report OTCBB:APDN   Applied Dna Sciences
12/06/2011 8:50AM MWUS Senate: DoD Suppliers Must Act vs. Counterfeits; A Solution Is At Hand, Applied DNA Sciences Poised to Act OTCBB:APDN   Applied Dna Sciences
11/07/2011 5:02PM Form (8-K) Current report filing OTCBB:APDN   Applied Dna Sciences
11/07/2011 8:30AM MWUS Secure DNA Printing for Food: Nissha Printing Co., Ltd. Inks Exclusive Agreement With Applied DNA Sciences OTCBB:APDN   Applied Dna Sciences
11/02/2011 4:30PM MWUS Applied DNA Sciences Announces Record Date for Annual Stockholders' Meeting OTCBB:APDN   Applied Dna Sciences
10/11/2011 8:30AM MWUS DNA Hits the Presses OTCBB:APDN   Applied Dna Sciences
10/06/2011 8:30AM MWUS Applied DNA Raises US Bank Security to New Heights With Gold Coast Bank OTCBB:APDN   Applied Dna Sciences
09/23/2011 10:51AM EDGAR Confidential Treatment Order (CT ORDER) OTCBB:APDN   Applied Dna Sciences
09/21/2011 8:30AM MWUS Textile Centre Moves to Protect Premier Weavers' Intellectual Property OTCBB:APDN   Applied Dna Sciences
09/20/2011 8:30AM MWUS Applied DNA Sciences Will Be a Silver Sponsor of 2011 International Law Enforcement IP Crime Conference OTCBB:APDN   Applied Dna Sciences
09/07/2011 4:21PM Form (8-K) Current report filing OTCBB:APDN   Applied Dna Sciences
08/17/2011 8:30AM MWUS Applied DNA Sciences Appoints Four New Members of the Board of Directors OTCBB:APDN   Applied Dna Sciences
08/16/2011 4:49PM Form (8-K) Current report filing OTCBB:APDN   Applied Dna Sciences
08/10/2011 5:24PM Form (10-Q) Quarterly Report OTCBB:APDN   Applied Dna Sciences
08/10/2011 8:30AM MWUS Applied DNA Signs Long-Term Supply Agreement With 3SI Security Systems OTCBB:APDN   Applied Dna Sciences
07/28/2011 2:23PM MWUS Applied DNA Sciences to Host Investor Conference Call Thursday, August 11, 2011 OTCBB:APDN   Applied Dna Sciences
07/25/2011 4:34PM EDGAR Amended Annual Report (10-K/A) OTCBB:APDN   Applied Dna Sciences
07/21/2011 4:44PM Form (8-K) Current report filing

Defense Logistics Agency Mandates SigNature(R) DNA on Microchips

Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (OTCBB: APDN), a provider of DNA-based anti-counterfeiting and security solutions has been named by DoD Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), as the provider of authentication services for microcircuits supplied by defense contractors. On August 3, 2012, DLA posted notice on its DLA Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS) that it will require the use of SigNature® DNA marking on microcircuits.

DLA stated:

"DLA is implementing new requirements for deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) authentication marking on items falling within Federal Supply Class (FSC) 5962, Electronic Microcircuits, which have been determined to be at high risk for counterfeiting. A new clause at Defense Logistics Acquisition Directive (DLAD) 52.211-9074, Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) Marking on High Risk Items, will be included in new solicitations and contracts for FSC 5962 items when the item description states that the item requires DNA marking. The clause requires contractors to provide items that have been marked with botanically-generated DNA produced by Applied DNA Sciences or its authorized licensees, if any."

The number of companies directly affected by the DLA directive is in the hundreds, and includes many of the largest microcircuit manufacturers in the world. APDN reported immediate inquiries from numerous impacted companies.

SigNature DNA uses uncopyable plant-based DNA to mark items, which can then be authenticated throughout the supply chain to assure originality. In effect, the DNA marks provide a traveling, high-tech proof of authenticity.

Applied DNA Sciences' SigNature DNA marking and authentication have been tested at full commercial scale in an eighteen-month project supported by DLA and managed by the not-for-profit consultancy LMI, with uniformly successful results. As part of the project, DLA tasked an independent laboratory to defeat the technology. SigNature DNA was not defeated.

"Finding counterfeits in supply chains is a daunting challenge. DLA is taking a leadership role by mandating a positive way to assure authenticity using SigNature DNA. Warfighter support is DLA's top priority." Janice Meraglia, Vice President of Government and Military Programs at APDN praised the Agency's efforts to eliminate counterfeit microelectronics from military supply chains.

APDN will sell SigNature DNA marks to chip manufacturers, while for distributors the company will sell a source-verification marking program, to establish traceability from the moment of marking. The company also plans to provide DNA marking services directly to those manufacturers who want immediate implementation before establishing marking capability at their own facilities. Once SigNature DNA-marked, the microchips may be authenticated as originals at any stage along the military supply chain, if a participating company has purchased an authentication program from APDN.

Defense contractors are urged to contact Applied DNA Sciences immediately to begin their own SigNature DNA marking program. A dedicated email address militarymark@adnas.com is available to support this effort. By phone, enquiries are welcome at a dedicated telephone line: 631.444.6370.

The SigNature DNA marking initiative by DLA comes at a critical juncture for the electronics industry, which is facing a new federal law that would strictly enforce new anti-counterfeiting measures by defense contractors. The legal wording of the anti-counterfeiting initiative is found in Section 818 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (FY'12 NDAA). While the DLA mandate is not directly connected to the new measures called for by Section 818, it applies in an environment where defense contractors are being strongly urged in various ways to adopt new processes and technologies to combat fakes sneaking into military equipment.

Section 818 of FY'12 NDAA is due to reach an important milestone at the end of September. At that time the law directs that the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS), which governs all transactions with DoD, is due to be revised to include the anti-counterfeiting provisions. This highly anticipated milestone has been characterized in a public open letter from the Council of Defense and Space Industry Associations as a law that will "fundamentally change the nature of the existing global supply chain for the defense industrial base."(1)

The DoD Office of the Director, Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation last year projected the value of all semiconductors sold to DoD in fiscal year 2011 to be $3.1 billion. The figure for fiscal year 2012 is projected to be $2.84 billion.(2) These figures include both microchips sold stand-alone ("direct sales") for spare parts or prototyping, and also microchips that are embedded in more complex electronic parts sold to the military ("indirect sales"). Indirect sales may range from amplifiers, to computers to aircraft and missile guidance systems.

The market value of semiconductors, both military and commercial in all countries in fiscal year 2011 has been estimated at $302 billion by Gartner.(3)

The DLA mandate for SigNature DNA will be implemented in a staged fashion, to ensure a smooth transition for the industry providers of microcircuits falling into FSC 5962, as noted by DLA. In the first stage, already accomplished and consistent with the mandate, SigNature DNA is on the microchips produced in the DLA's Generalized Emulation of Microcircuits (GEM) program.

The penetration of counterfeit electronics into the military has become a recognized national security crisis. In a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing last November, co-chaired by Senator Carl Levin (D-Mich) and Senator John McCain (R-Ariz), 1,800 separate "counterfeit incidents" in the military were identified. Each incident can involve thousands of parts. The Committee identified more than a million counterfeit parts in all.

In the military, load-bearing parts like ball-bearings, and other critical parts such as o-rings and brake shoes, are widely counterfeited and create much risk. In the commercial sector, fake medical and automotive parts are common, creating a comparable threat. Applied DNA believes that the risk in these areas can also be strongly mitigated by the use of SigNature DNA.

Dr. James A. Hayward, CEO of APDN, stated: "We commend the foresight of DLA command. This is an overdue, industry-changing moment that will protect our warfighters. APDN is fully prepared to meet this challenge."

9/5/2012   Applied DNA Sciences Contracts With SMT for SigNature(R) DNA on Electronics   http://ih.advfn.com/p.php?pid=nmona&article=54060843

Desperately seeking DNA: counterfeit IDs courtesy of China with fake holograms, fake watermarks, the works

Fake ID's have long been a problem for law enforcement, but the issue has now become more urgent. Sophisticated counterfeit drivers licenses, produced in China mimic the real thing in every respect down to holograms, watermarks and magnetic stripes. Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) has taken the issue head on, calling for wire transfer companies to block payments to the companies producing the ID's.

The ID's, which retail from $100-$300 can be detected only by use of a sophisticated magnetic scanner, a device not used by most retailers. Recently authorities at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport interdicted a shipment of some 1,700 fake ID's. Last week, Schumer sent a letter to top executives at PayPal, Western Union and MoneyGram requesting that they work with the Department of Homeland Security.

2012-25-08 Defense Logistics Agency chief calls DNA marking one of "the four big things" that agency is doing to fight counterfeits entering military supply -- Audio >>



9/18/2012 Applied DNA Sciences Contracts With Inventionland  http://ih.advfn.com/p.php?pid=nmona&article=54208847



Smartwater, LTD.
v. Applied DNA Sciences, Inc.     http://news.priorsmart.com/smartwater-v-applied-dna-sciences-l79U/

Complaint for Patent Infringement
Civil Action No. 2:12-cv-05731-JS-AKT, the Hon. Joanna Seybert presiding.
Filed on Nov. 27, 2012 in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York;


Pierce Artwood, LLP; Street, MD
Jeffrey E. Francis
Kirkland & Ellis; New York, NY
David S. Brafman
Pierce Atwood, LLP; Street, MD
Joseph Maraia


Applied Dna Sciences
Lott & Fischer; Coral Gables, FL
Ury Fischer
Stephen David Lott
Fulbright & Jaworski, LLP; New York, NY
James R. Crawford
Joseph P. Zammit

Patents in case

  • 5,811,152: "Method of identifying a surface" by Cleary and assigned to Smartwater Limited. Prosecuted by Dennison, Meserole, Pollack & Scheiner. Includes 17 claims (2 indep.). Was application 08/762,834. Filed 12/10/1996 & Granted 9/22/1998.
  • 5,605,650: "Security of articles, goods, vehicles or premises" by Cleary and assigned to Probe FX Patents Limited. Prosecuted by Dennison, Meserole, Pollack & Scheiner. Includes 21 claims (2 indep.). Was application 08/211,245. Filed 3/30/1994 & Granted 2/25/1997.

CV 12-5731 (JS) (AKT)
APPEARANCES: Plaintiff Jeffrey F. Francis
Marie Meyers Morales
Defendant Joseph P. Zammit
FTR: 10:14-10:51 and 11:06-11:28
The next conference will be held by telephone on May 2, 2013 at 5:15 p.m.

other competition in the military marking: Threat from Chromologic?

ARL-Funded Research Leads to Serendipitous Discovery of Optical Scanning Method

The SBIR topic, conceived by scientists from ARL-ARO and the Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center in 2007, called for a study of the properties of DNA to determine if this information-rich natural polymer could be used in a new barcoding system that would provide enhanced security relative to conventional tracking methods.

A California-based company, ChromoLogic, LLC, was contracted to explore this SBIR topic.

ChromoLogic developed a tag with a biomimetic barcode that can be aligned in the proper order and decoded by an optical reader, akin to how the sequence of a DNA molecule can be read.

This biomimetic tag and reader system has robust information-storage capabilities that are unambiguous and readily authenticated, with no reagent or material exchange between the tag and reader




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