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Amelot Holdings (AMHD)

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Amelot Holdings, Incorporated

  Symbol: AMHD


Amelot Holdings, Inc. has identified a multi-billion dollar industry to manufacture renewable fuels and supply the growing demand for an alternative energy source that will reduce the dependency and environmental impact of fossil fuels.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create value for our shareholders by investing in innovative alternative fuel technologies that protect our planet and enhance the quality of life for all.

Our Goal

Our goal is to be the leader in every market we serve, to the benefit of our customers and our shareholders.

Our Approach

Our approach is more partnership than process. We continually look for opportunities in which we can expand our business and create value for both our partners and investors in every facet of our business.


Amelot Holdings, Inc., (AMHD) is a publicly traded company incorporated in the state of Wyoming. Headquartered in Norfolk, Va. Amelot is focused on developing a global renewable energy company

Amelot Holdings, Inc., (AMHD) is a publicly traded company incorporated in the state of Wyoming. Headquartered in Norfolk, Va. Amelot is focused on developing a global renewable energy company 

Through its divisions, Amelot is executing a strategy to develop a global client base for renewable fuels primarily focused on biodiesel; a government recognized and financially supported fuel or additive for diesel.

At the heart of our success is our people. Amelot's team consists of forward-thinking business people, engineers, mechanical and automation specialists, environmental experts, agronomists, and many other professionals all dedicated to our common mission.  Amelot Holdings is a holding company.



 AMELOT Subsidiaries:

amelot oil inc.


Amelot Oil, Inc. ("AOI") was formed in order to focus on the biodiesel production aspect of the company's business plan.




Amelot and Barbados National Oil in Joint Venture

BARBADOS - Amelot Oil and Barbados National Oil Company Ltd to run a biodiesel plant in Barbados.

The JV would enable Amelot and BNOCL to establish a scalable and sustainable biofuels business.

The Barbados National Oil Company is a national state-owned energy provider in the country of Barbados. Founded several decades ago, the company satisfies about 30 per cent of the country's total consumption of oil and gas.

Amelot Oil, wholly owned by Amelot Holdings, has been operating a production facility in Barbados since 2008. The Amelot Oil Barbados biodiesel plant operates on used cooking oil. By working with such an impure feedstock threatening to pollute the ecosystem, Amelot Oil managed to stand out in Barbados and demonstrated proof of concept and growing demand for alternative fuel.

Biodiesel, for BNOCL, for use in the planned six month pilot project to further study the impact of using Biodiesel in Barbados. This phase also calls for a state of the art gas station with B20 fuel pump which is a blend of 20 per cent biodiesel and 80 per cent conventional diesel.

The MoU envisages that under the second phase Amelot and BNOCL will jointly operate a biodiesel production facility that will utilize containerized modular equipment and proprietary feedstock technology. The modular design and sustainability of the process is expected to produce biodiesel in such quantities as required to support BNOCL's long term goal of replacing conventional diesel with 100% biodiesel.

"The MoU demonstrates our continued long-term commitment to Barbados. We are looking forward to joining with a leading company there to meet the needs of retail and commercial fuels customers in that growing market. The joint venture would enable Amelot to set up a profitable bio-fuels business, with the potential to deploy next generation technologies. We have been looking for a partner with the resources and scaling capabilities to rapidly industrialize our biodiesel production in Barbados. We are delighted to have found this partner in BNOCL," stated Fred Guarnieri, President and CEO of Amelot Holdings, Inc.


Amelot Oil Trinidad & Tobago Limited

Oil Ghana Limited





The mandate of Amelot Properties is to acquire undervalued real estate in strategic locations and to complete eco-friendly market renovations that significantly increase the resale value of the properties. These newly upgraded residences are planned to be environmentally responsible and resource-efficient and therefore very attractive for buyers.

Fred Guarnieri

President and C.E.O.

Fred Guarnieri was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of Amelot Holdings, Inc. in June 2009.  Mr. Guarnieri brings a wealth of executive experience, vision and relationships to Amelot Holdings and a dynamic and focused leadership style.

His experience includes the management of a large real estate agency where he handled hundreds of transactions, ranging from single family homes to apartment buildings and commercial properties. He also has expertise in customs brokerage and shipping, finance and International business.

Mr. Guarnieri is 62, and has lived in the Norfolk, Va. area since the mid 1960's,

Message from Mr. Guarnieri

In mid 2010, it was decided that Amelot Holdings, Inc take  advantage of the depressed real estate market nationwide. After months of research, including but not limited to the study of demographics in several areas of the United States along with extensive comparative market analysis, it was determined that we move forward with our plan, and in December 2010 formed a subsidiary, Amelot Properties, LLC.

We then narrowed down our search to those zip codes having experienced  the greatest decline in property values and having the largest inventories of properties sitting vacant for extended periods of time, thus having lenders more willing to negotiate quick cash settlements.

After visiting several locations, a final decision was made, a realtor was chosen to assist on the purchasing side only, an experienced crew assembled, some of their most recent work viewed, and three properties purchased immediately.

The supervisor in the beginning start up phase is capable of managing two crews, each crew being able to renovate three properties per month. He will inspect all properties before purchase and submit budgets to me for approval on each. He will purchase materials for each site, and deliver them on site as  needed In addition he will market the properties, and follow the sales through settlement, saving thousands of dollars in commissions.

Within the next two months, we hope to have in place a second crew. We have interviewed someone that is eager to join us, and has worked with our supervisor before.
It is my understanding he has the same capabilities, and he too could handle two crews down the road.

Right now, our focus is on building our inventory to ensure our current crew does not sit idle, and before hiring our next one.

By buying properties at pennies on the dollar, discounted materials (closeouts, bulk purchases etc), and in- house marketing, we can offer properties for sale way under current market price, and in most cases the mortgages will be considerably less than comparable rents.

2612 Granby Street
Norfolk, Virginia 23517
tel: (646)926-3568





Corporate Information:


Fred Guarnieri, President and CEO 

Amelot Holdings, Inc.

2612 Granby Street
Norfolk, Virginia 23517
tel: (646)926-3568


PO box 145
Brooklyn, NY 11229-0145
tel: 718-627-4453
fax: 718-627-6341


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Click above to seecompany info.

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 Authorized Share Balance: 4,925,000,000
still the same a/o 10/12/2011

Outstanding Share Balance:  4,624,573,155  still the same a/o 10/12/2011


The Amelot CEO, Fred Guarnieri, holds approximately 1,076,275,010 common shares



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and more DD coming......






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