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Active Health Foods, Inc. (AHFD)

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6185 Magnolia Avenue, Suite #403 Riverside, California 92506
TOLL FREE: (866) 690-1874 OFFICE: (951) 360-9970 FAX: (951) 360-9971
Greg Manos / President & C.E.O. / CELL: (951) 454-0889

2,000,000,000 - A/S

O/S 590,202,392 as of June 5th ,2014

Restricted as of June 5th ,2014       449,935,763

JUNE 5th, 2014   FLOAT was 140,266,629


Recent Trade Show


"U.S. sales of organic food and beverages have grown from $1 billion in 1990 to $26.7 billion in 2010. Sales in 2010 represented a 7.7 percent growth over 2009 sales.
Experiencing the highest growth in sales during 2010 were organic fruits and vegetables, up 11.8 percent over 2009 sales."


"Active X Bars" are 100% Natural and 100% Organic. Trade Marked and recognized as a very high quality, one of a kind Energy Bar for those who are aware of a healthy life style. No other bar sold can compare to our Pure Organic Ingredients and Amazing Flavors.

Greg Manos / President and C.E.O. with over 40 years experience in both the Food and Beverage Industries at every level. A proven track record for creating business opportunities with the breadth of expertise, knowledge, and a lifetime of relationships are invaluable to the company.

15 years in the Grocery Business including 2 years with a major Grocery Chain as a Beverage Buyer. More than 25 years in the Beer and Soft Drink Beverage business.

Working as the Vice President for a San Francisco based Marketing and Product Development Company Greg was at helm and the driving force behind the market introduction of several well recognized beverage products and their successes. "Evian Waters from France", at the time bottled water was not sold at retail. "NO ONE DRANK WATER EXCEPT FROM THEIR WATER FAUCET AT HOME". "Jolt Cola", a crazy idea, over (1) million case were sold in the first year and a half. Finally the introduction of a beverage that ultimately became a global success called "Clearly Canadian" selling over (2) million cases in its second year.

Making product lines household names and generating tens of millions of dollars in revenues was made to look easy for Greg so in November of 1992 he went out on his own and created "All Natural Sugar Free Sparkling Flavored Beverages".

In December of 2008 the opportunity to purchase an existing product which was the beginning of another new Company / Corporation, Active Health Foods, Inc. and the reintroduction of "Active-X 100% Natural and 100% Organic Energy Bars".


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11/23/2011 5:23PM PRNUS Active Health Foods, Inc. Nominates Nutritionist Shanais Pelka to Board of Directors OTCBB:AHFD   Active Health Foods
11/16/2011 1:43PM PRNUS Active Health Foods, Inc. Announces Strong Entry Into Marketplace OTCBB:AHFD   Active Health Foods

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AHFD News: Quarterly Report (10-q) 11/19/2014 05:22:42 PM
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AHFD News: Information Statement - All Other (definitive) (def 14c) 10/29/2014 02:55:33 PM
AHFD News: Proxy Statement - Other Information (preliminary) (pre 14c) 10/15/2014 09:45:49 AM
AHFD News: Amended Statement of Ownership (sc 13g/a) 09/30/2014 02:44:20 PM
#11090   Furthermore, our hero wannabe can warn and beware griffygriff3 11/26/14 11:18:39 PM
#11089   Let's give THANKS: transformation of AHFD to PROFITABILITY. griffygriff3 11/26/14 10:48:54 PM
#11088   And of course merger details, especially financials $$$$$ griffygriff3 11/26/14 09:34:13 PM
#11087   Yessir! Looking for news to confirm CANCELING R/S griffygriff3 11/26/14 09:32:51 PM
#11086 is just about to arrive!!!!look forward to nickelandime 11/26/14 09:01:07 PM
#11085   AHFD: 4.9 Billion outstanding, 3.75 Billion trading float griffygriff3 11/26/14 08:43:26 PM
#11084   AHFD: Merger almost complete! HIGHLY PROFITABLE firm merging griffygriff3 11/26/14 08:30:21 PM
#11083   Yes siree! Thank you and same to you! griffygriff3 11/26/14 08:26:52 PM
#11082   AHFD...GRIFF have a good turkey day,,see you friday!!!i'm nickelandime 11/26/14 03:48:09 PM
#11081   (((WARNING!!!))1:1000 R/S COMING READ THE FILLINGS Shon7 11/26/14 02:14:21 PM
#11080   AHFD: $$$$$ NEW company NEW financials $$$$$ ah-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee griffygriff3 11/26/14 01:49:50 PM
#11079   Furthermore, this is a very slow day market-wise. griffygriff3 11/26/14 01:42:37 PM
#11078   I wanted pre-holiday news, so I've been ticked griffygriff3 11/26/14 01:38:20 PM
#11077   AHFD...GRIFF ,,thoughts,,words of wisdom bro,,or is it awwwww nickelandime 11/26/14 12:00:30 PM
#11076   open Friday but will close 3 hours early griffygriff3 11/26/14 10:27:40 AM
#11075   is the stock market closed after today till nickelandime 11/26/14 10:06:48 AM
#11074   Why don't both of you stop the childish mikeysox21 11/26/14 09:14:12 AM
#11073   I dont care if you dont like it Shon7 11/26/14 08:49:27 AM
#11072   SHON7,,you never cease ,,talk about someone who doesn't nickelandime 11/26/14 08:34:35 AM
#11071   WARNING TO NEW COMERS!!! Shon7 11/26/14 05:54:42 AM
#11070   Read Pg 18 of the 10-Q, second paragraph. Squats 11/25/14 11:36:31 PM
#11069   Why are you bashing AHFD if you don't Squats 11/25/14 11:03:58 PM
#11068   AHFD "What you are about to see you griffygriff3 11/25/14 09:33:01 PM
#11067   Beware; don't be deceived by naysayers naysaying their griffygriff3 11/25/14 09:28:29 PM
#11066   beware don't be deceived by pumpers pumping there Shon7 11/25/14 04:36:11 PM
#11065   Agree Mistererovi 11/25/14 03:48:22 PM
#11064   Peeps despise pumpers. IF ITS YOURS, PUMP IT. griffygriff3 11/25/14 03:36:43 PM
#11063   AHFD..sounds good to me!!!,,i'm going to have me nickelandime 11/25/14 03:27:49 PM
#11062   There is no BID at all happening for stan_lakshmi 11/25/14 03:27:46 PM
#11061   You guys don't know this so why are Squats 11/25/14 03:22:03 PM
#11060   The PR will confirm. Management has a "perfect griffygriff3 11/25/14 03:11:01 PM
#11059   AHFD..GRIFF any thoughts about the RS,is it canceled,,i'm nickelandime 11/25/14 03:00:51 PM
#11058   I love clif and would welcome it in griffygriff3 11/25/14 02:13:58 PM
#11057   I wouldn't rule Clif out just yet. I'm cashrat 11/25/14 01:34:05 PM
#11056   SOON: PEOPLE DESPERATELY TRYING TO GET IN $$$$$ griffygriff3 11/25/14 01:33:39 PM
#11055   absolutely right!! I love boo birds! Run follows!!$$$$$ griffygriff3 11/25/14 01:14:58 PM
#11054   Its good to see the negative comments towards tw2319 11/25/14 01:12:39 PM
#11053   cashrat bout to buy 165 Million more shares griffygriff3 11/25/14 01:12:22 PM
#11052   And a VERY successful company MERGING in $$$$$ griffygriff3 11/25/14 01:08:38 PM
#11051   plase reconsider as AHFD has tasty bars and Squats 11/25/14 10:14:08 AM
#11050   AHFD...BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY,OR nickelandime 11/25/14 09:58:31 AM
#11049   absolutely agree -numerous negative posts- PR imminent$$$$$ griffygriff3 11/25/14 09:57:37 AM
#11048   AHFD...GRIFF there must be a pr close,,cause the nickelandime 11/25/14 09:41:40 AM
#11047   But not to worry, cashrat, my brotha from griffygriff3 11/25/14 09:36:01 AM
#11046   I'm afraid not, cashrat. We'd love that, but griffygriff3 11/25/14 09:29:13 AM
#11045   TO NEW COMERS Shon7 11/25/14 09:29:12 AM
#11044   AHFD...shon7 you need to go,,we are holding an nickelandime 11/25/14 07:04:43 AM
#11043   PEOPLE DESPERATELY TRYING TO GET OUT Shon7 11/25/14 05:20:08 AM
#11042   DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE Shon7 11/25/14 05:18:44 AM
#11041   1:1000 R/S CHECK THE FILLINGS Shon7 11/25/14 05:17:27 AM