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About Stem Cells, Biomedicine & Regenerative Medicine

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About Stem Cells, Biomedicine & Regenerative Medicine


The Trouble With Antibiotics

Resistance to last-line antibiotics continues to cause concern in Europe

Could Brilacidin be the answer?

Cellceutix Antibiotic Brilacidin Receives QIDP Designation From FDA



 Clinical & Translational Immunology

From:  Clinical application of genetically modified T cells in cancer therapy

Michael H Kershaw, Jennifer A Westwood, Clare Y Slaney and Phillip K Darcy



Stem Cell Information


Research in Stem Cells is probably leading to regeneration of the retina, spinal cord, brain, teeth, skin, liver, kidney, hands, feet, bones and the list is growing.


For those of you seeking therapies, please be aware that there are scams out there.  The US is a bit behind the rest of the world due to our laws.   Be very careful who you allow to treat you.  Most of the legitimate players will have associations with hospitals or research facilities.


A bit of history:

Letter to President Bush (2001) It's a shame that President Bush ignored it.

Letter to President-Elect Obama (November 2009) To his credit, President Obama acted on it. 
However, his actions were done in a bizarre way.  See following quote:

I'm sure you remember during the campaign when President Obama promised to rescind limits on stem cell research. In fact, the NIH specifically emphasized restrictions on hpSC research while lifting restrictions on less promising embryonic SC research. An uninformed media missed the story almost completely. Only a few scientific publications noted and criticized the bizarre policy move.

Ken Aldrich, the biotech entrepreneur who co-founded International Stem Cell Corporation, characterized the ruling as, "a scientific tragedy," Also, he said, "It is important to note that the oocytes from which hpSCs are derived are obtained via procedures approved by hospital review boards and ethics committees. All donors voluntarily consent to the use of their eggs after very complete disclosure of how they will be used. Nor do we ever use a fertilized egg, so there is never an ethical risk that a human life might be destroyed."
The hpSC funding restrictions are not, incidentally, stopping ISCO. They are, however, moving many of its programs offshore to more scientifically hospitable countries. Scientists and a leading ophthalmological company in India, for example, have embarked with ISCO to commercialize hpSC retinal and corneal tissue products internationally. While I'm pleased for ISCO and bear no grudge to Indian scientists, American scientists could use those high-paying scientific jobs. American universities could use the income that comes from collaborations with biotech firms.


Study:  Vitamin D Kills Cancer Cells - ABC News


All messages, including iBox content, are the opinion of the posters, are no substitute for your own research, and should not be relied upon for stock trading or any other purpose.


Rules of the board 
Respect each other and keep discussions on fully reporting companies.  There are enough problems with the fully reporting ones without having to deal with non reporting companies.


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