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AV1 Group, Inc. (AVOP)

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About AV1 Group

AV1 Group, Inc. is a publicly traded investment and holding company established to identify, secure, and monetize emerging growth companies in a number of sectors that include cannabis related technologies, cultivation and ecommerce businesses positioned for exponential growth.

The Company seeks to discover inspired entrepreneurs with revolutionary concepts which can make a substantial footprint in markets that the Company believes to have exponential growth potential.  AV1 Group, Inc.’s comprehensive business model also includes a division which delivers internally created projects that are poised for revenue generation, and a platform enabling the Company to develop embryonic stage subsidiaries under one umbrella, bringing a spectrum of backgrounds to the table, thus providing a significant resource of experience, knowledge and expertise to every venture.  AV1 Group, Inc. explores every opportunity to help each sector exceed their revenue goals while building close, active working relationships; preparing each respective division to be a robust competitor in their chosen markets.

Marijuana Incubator Group

Marijuana Incubator Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of AV1Group, Inc., (OTC PINK: AVOP). The Company’s comprehensive incubation process consists of thoroughly preparing each acquisition or subsidiary to be launched into the marketplace fully equipped to thrive in its sector; maturing the companies by increasing their value. The calculated strategy bolsters growth through Merger and Acquisition, implementing a complete 360 degree marketing and advertising program, which through the provision of capital enables the board of directors and management team to achieve the ultimate goal of building our subsidiaries into stand alone, independent, and ultimately profitable subsidiaries, consequently enhancing Marijuana Incubator Group’s net worth with every successful acquisition.



CannaLighting is a wholly owned subsidiary of Marijuana Incubator Group, Inc. The CannaLighting sector of the corporate structure is actively building strategic relationships in the LED sector in accordance with a marketing model that, while requiring a minimal budget to launch, will yield the potential opportunity to be able to provide solutions for an ever increasing number of grow houses and cultivation centers nationally.

The LED lighting sector is an intricate key to the indoor agricultural environments that these harvesting facilities represent, since the majority of these crops are grown indoors. U.S. retail cannabis sales will rise more than five-fold over the next five years, from an estimated $2.2-$2.6 billion in 2014 to $7.4-8.2 billion in 2018, according to an article recently published by Marijuana Business Daily.



The GrowthSpectrum product line is an array of industry specific, state-of-the-art lighting equipment that will be marketed to the cannabis industry.  The Company’s strategic partnership with the LED manufacturer, branded under the GrowthSpectrum line, allows entry into a fast growing market with minimal overhead. This will enable the Company to spearhead into producing revenue. CannaLighting will be targeting grow houses nationally in an effort to deliver the GrowthSpectrum brand of LEDs. The company will have their marketing brochure available online shortly.  Please download our brochure for more information.


Dental Cannatizer

As wholly owned subsidiary of Marijuana Incubator Group, the Company has signed a definitive agreement for the purchase of a cutting edge technology that the Company is rebranding as the “Dental Cannatizer”; a cutting edge dental cleansing tool which can provide superior results due to its revolutionary design and the integration of hemp oil infusing replacement cartridges.

This state-of-the-art device is unique in its design which utilizes increased water pressure to flush out harmful bacteria, plaque, and miniscule food particles which accumulate from millions of microscopic spaces located on the teeth and gum valleys where a toothbrush or floss can’t reach. Conveniently constructed for use in the shower, its design includes the dispensing of hemp oil, which is highly recognized for its numerous holistic attributes.

The Cannatizer thoroughly cleans teeth and gums by flushing fissures and pits in teeth (the most common place for cavities) to remove bacteria, residues, and other contaminants, leaving teeth absolutely sparkling; allowing re-mineralization to occur naturally and organically with the restorative and medicinal qualities that hemp oil provides.

The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory benefits of hemp oil are well known to contain unique properties that are very beneficial. With the marketing of this device, the Company is setting up a dual revenue source, revenues derived from the initial transaction, and the residual revenue to follow generated by the repeat sales of the replacement hemp infusion cartridges.

Vapor Town USA

SHARE STRUCTURE (as of Aug 2014):
Shares Authorized: 11 Billion
Shares Restricted (New Management): 8.1 Billion
Shares Floating: 1.9 Billion

"11 Billion shares explained; Right now 8 billion of these are restricted. The float is only 2.1 billion. All 11B shares are counted towards the market cap, even though the 8B have not been sold, traded, or added to the float. What does this tell us? First off, there is 0 chance of a R/S. The reason to do a R/S is to decrease the float and then increase available share. AVOP already has a lower float and a huge amount of available shares. Secondly this tells us that the company is accomplishing it's goals with only the 2.1B shares and they could easily retire the rest when available. Retiring several billion shares would really boost the pps and bring a lot of invstors in, the CEO of the company knows this. Third, even if they decide to sell or trade the shares to bring in capitol or aquire assets, these things add value and would be worth the extra float increase, and since the 8B restricted are already counted in the Market Cap, we would be adding value without raising market cap, increasing pps. 11B can seem scary, until you know the details. AVOP has huge potential, that is how you do better than average in the market. Buy companies with potential that will out perform previous expectations."
Market Analysis LLC


9/04/2014 -
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6/09/2014 - AVOP News: Marijuana Incubator Group, Inc. Enters into Definitive Agreement to Acquire
6/04/2014 - AVOP News: Marijuana Incubator Group, Inc. Launches Advisory Board with its First Addition, TriOptimum Corp, Notable Engineering Firm
6/02/2014 - Marijuana Incubator Group, Inc. Enters Billion Dollar Dental Hygiene Industry Targeting Cannabis Users with the Launch of the Dental Cannatizer


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