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AMA's Bottom Busters

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#30645   And TSLA is a f@ckin beast for you dabreeze 03/11/16 07:11:28 PM
#30644   SCIE running like a mad dog. dabreeze 03/11/16 07:08:00 PM
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#30641   TSLA dabreeze 02/11/16 11:46:34 AM
#30640   AXXE- this thing is bound to RS dabreeze 01/26/16 11:09:10 PM
#30639   AXXE at .0008... This is a perfect example dabreeze 01/08/16 11:03:04 AM
#30638   Happy New Year!!! BoilerRoom 12/31/15 04:23:54 PM
#30637   AXXE... Nice close, tomorrow is a short day... dabreeze 12/23/15 04:30:33 PM
#30636   VNTH, lifting off... Nice looking chart dabreeze 12/16/15 03:14:07 PM
#30635   @XXE, everytime this little B looks like its dabreeze 12/15/15 05:11:07 PM
#30634   SLIO cranking out some volume today... Watch it dabreeze 12/11/15 04:00:11 PM
#30633   AXXE news this morning... Great timing... Lol... Clowns. dabreeze 12/08/15 10:24:53 AM
#30632   AXXE got smashed today... Hopefully ya'll got in dabreeze 12/08/15 02:59:32 AM
#30631   AXXE, another 15 Milly after the Bell, cowards... dabreeze 12/04/15 04:19:06 PM
#30630   AXXE catching a beatdown today... Somebody's got some dabreeze 12/04/15 03:49:06 PM
#30629   DBMM- perfect teaser candle on this one today... dabreeze 12/03/15 04:32:08 PM
#30628   AXXE- everyday a few Milly go through after dabreeze 12/03/15 04:08:22 PM
#30627   DBMM looks like its gonna go for some more dabreeze 12/03/15 03:30:53 PM
#30626   AXXE is moving.. It's go time! dabreeze 12/03/15 01:57:50 PM
#30625   VNTH on alert... Tight bollies, volume coming in, dabreeze 12/03/15 01:55:48 PM
#30624   Wake up! The pennies are straight poppin right dabreeze 12/02/15 10:00:18 PM
#30623   DBMM put a money candle on their chart dabreeze 12/02/15 04:31:22 PM
#30622   AXXE- wound up like a clock. dabreeze 12/02/15 03:30:33 PM
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#30618   Scoped out a couple Kenny Rogers picks.... Who dabreeze 11/30/15 04:09:50 PM
#30617   All kinds of tickers bubblin'.... Who's got picks? dabreeze 11/27/15 07:57:15 PM
#30616   Scottrade blows. AMA 11/25/15 11:15:52 AM
#30615   GLDG on the no buy, sell only list dabreeze 11/24/15 01:13:13 PM
#30614   GLDG and SYNJ charts?... Couple of dig worthy dabreeze 11/19/15 05:06:09 PM
#30613   GLDG- 3s getting chewed up.. This little B dabreeze 11/18/15 03:44:13 PM