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Bottom swing plays

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Last Post: 1/24/2017 9:47:52 AM - Followers: 11 - Board type: Free - Posts Today: 12

Type of trades in bottom swing plays are very broad. While some can be day trades, others may take few days, weeks, months or even longer. Some might be fundamental based while others technical. Preferred trades: 1) Stocks in uptrends close to trendlines holding support. 2) Bottom plays that are starting to hold lows after big drops. 3) Good OTC stocks that have a real business with rising revenues, profits and minimal or no dilution. 7) Stocks in uptrends that are poised for big breakout .

I will always post where I enter and the date, also the sell and date. What i won't do is go into any detail on how I find stocks to play or how much I make.  This thread to me is more of a journal.. Theres alot of tickers (stocks) I find and write down and never play, sometimes I find way to many that I believe are ready to move that I cannot play them all. I will be mentioning them all here and up dating the price wheather I play them or not.

  I try to find plays that trade at least  $1.00 up to $15.00 and 750 k shares a day or more. I like them very liquid in order to dump out if i have to..

 One of the reasons I play bottom swing plays (as I call Them)  Is because I hate setting and watching l2   all day long. If I decided to play one for a one k profit   I may buy ten k  shares and set my sell .10 higher and go play a round of golf. I hate setting watching l2.. thats why i created my way of trading. Alot of times if I'm not sure I may buy a 3k starter and ad if my bottom call was right. Some times I buy 5k and set a .20 gain and sell.

 One thing is for sure I try very hard to never take a loss.I may very well sell way early but its always better than a loss.
 I have on occasion bought a stock and sold it the same day because it look like and probably did start to turn dow. (I bought to early)  I will then buy the same stock a few days later and make money on it.  Again don't ever lose if at all possible.
When I place a stock on watch I really don't check short shares or news, that will all come later if i don't forget. I place them on watch because I found something interesting . I may buy yet that day or I may never buy.
#542   I agree......:+) gdog 01/24/17 09:47:52 AM
#541   Stopped out of ENDP again…and again…..LOL girlfriend 01/24/17 09:46:07 AM
#540   wtg gdog 01/24/17 09:35:02 AM
#539   Took GPRO at 10 even! girlfriend 01/24/17 09:34:31 AM
#538   ENDP gapping also, hope you take some of gdog 01/24/17 09:16:31 AM
#537   g/l fit is up in pre... gdog 01/24/17 08:37:56 AM
#536   Yup…happy to take bounces these days….bios/pharmas have been girlfriend 01/24/17 08:36:14 AM
#535   I have been watching Gpro for two wks gdog 01/24/17 08:33:18 AM
#534   Still own half…..probably let it go ….GPRO girlfriend 01/24/17 08:29:00 AM
#533   GPRO going to make you happy today gdog 01/24/17 08:10:20 AM
#532   FOLD 31% short, also TXMD on watch 5.52 gdog 01/24/17 08:04:42 AM
#531   FOLD got upgraded, maybe time to go long again... gdog 01/24/17 06:44:04 AM
#530   Mack all the way back from lod gdog 01/23/17 03:53:42 PM
#529   RTK I'm keeping a close eye on this, gdog 01/23/17 01:59:30 PM
#528   esea $2.01 MACK 3.05 DHT flat in pre.. gdog 01/23/17 09:19:55 AM
#527   MTNS NEWS and running in pre gdog 01/23/17 08:22:25 AM
#526   both gpro and fit look like they may gdog 01/23/17 08:17:01 AM
#525   I added FIT at 7.02 late last week girlfriend 01/23/17 08:02:46 AM
#524   GPRO $9.51 and FIT $7.13 maybe time gdog 01/23/17 07:59:15 AM
#523   holding three stocks over,,, ESEA in 1.77 close gdog 01/20/17 04:03:40 PM
#522   ESEA creeping back to hod b4 gdog 01/20/17 03:36:18 PM
#521   MACK looks to be a couple three gdog 01/20/17 12:14:47 PM
#520   FOLD 5.3 x 5.31 gdog 01/20/17 11:35:26 AM
#519   INVE is up dontforgetme 01/20/17 11:18:08 AM
#518   I'm always amused by people saying that a gdog 01/20/17 11:11:47 AM
#517   Dang it all, going without me. gdog 01/20/17 10:59:11 AM
#516   FOLD wasn't watching close enough, nay pull back gdog 01/20/17 10:51:28 AM
#515   starting to move.....4.36x4.37 I should have gdog 01/20/17 10:44:05 AM
#514   thing i c with ESEA is that its gdog 01/20/17 10:14:12 AM
#513   bought DHT 4.31 gdog 01/20/17 10:06:36 AM
#512   ESEA maybe better to just flip this gdog 01/20/17 09:48:42 AM
#511   here's four I will be watching and buying gdog 01/20/17 09:22:38 AM
#510   ESEA never added, but looking good in pre..... gdog 01/20/17 09:18:20 AM
#509   GLBS going crazy agin in pre, i c gdog 01/20/17 09:08:50 AM
#508   Watching MACK real close 3.02 gdog 01/20/17 08:35:52 AM
#507   ESEA 1.66 wow will ad at close I think. gdog 01/19/17 12:57:17 PM
#506   watching APRI for a went 2.21 gdog 01/19/17 09:52:23 AM
#505   IN ESEA 1.77 gdog 01/19/17 09:37:02 AM
#504   esea and JCP both look like its gdog 01/19/17 09:14:03 AM
#503   out 3.2 gdog 01/18/17 01:09:03 PM
#502   LIFE in 3.12 for the bounce.... gdog 01/18/17 12:19:23 PM
#501   opht looks like new lows on watch gdog 01/18/17 11:21:29 AM
#500   rough start today dow down 80 pts gdog 01/18/17 09:36:50 AM
#498   SN unstoppable, 13.65 gdog 01/17/17 01:31:27 PM
#497   FOLD 5.42 looking good. gdog 01/17/17 01:20:50 PM
#496   It's suprising to me how many I play gdog 01/17/17 01:05:44 PM
#495   Fold Back in 5.32 gdog 01/17/17 12:27:01 PM
#494   SN outpreform, 20. target.... gdog 01/17/17 11:24:30 AM
#493   BNTC wow close 1.85 hod 4.40 gdog 01/17/17 11:11:23 AM
#492   over a buck today lol I always gdog 01/17/17 10:46:26 AM