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                                         $ ALL THINGS MONEY $                                                          

Welcome to ATM                                            

 IHubs #1 Education Board, for people new to
markets and pros who want to sharpen their
skills or broaden their scope!


This board is to discuss how to increase your personal wealth. We will politely discuss many ways to pick stocks, options, commodities and other instruments to accomplish this goal.
 We will bring in depth dd to support our positions and will be respectful of others opinions.
 No spamming, personal attacks and NO non-reporting pennies 



              ATM Education Center

               Learning Links and posts
Please make sure you take something with you from our ibox!



ATM Learning Charts 

Basics of Trading Course

An Introduction to the basic concepts needed to trade any market

Afraid to Trade Educational

Chart School

Candlestick Pattern Dictionary

Stock Chart Patterns

Chart Patterns

Charts and Patterns for study 

Technical Analysis (TA) Board:
Chart Info Post 1
Chart Info Post 2

Chart Info Post 3

Chart Info Post 4

Chart Info Post 5


How to post charts on ihub



Chart "GAPS" learning post     
Stoch RSI, Full STO, RSI video

CMF, Accum/Dist, On balance volume video

Up channel trading video

Stock screening learning video

Bottom bounce learning video

Chart log scale

Pitch Fork Learning links

Fibonacci Retracement FIBs

Stock Screener

Stock scan

Pivot Calculator

Powerfull Chart setups


These are powerfull chart setups that  kgoodrich &  Chartinator worked long and hard to come up with.


My thanks to them for letting us post them here in our I-BOX.

The Fairy Square


The Magic Box

The Money Mountian

The Knight's Crossing


ATM General Learning

How I do my DD

Reading Filings

Learning Markets



Common Day Trading Mistakes

How to Day Trade With Confidence

Seven Habits of Ineffective Traders 

10 Tips For The Successful Long-Term Investor

Being a Generalist - Playing all the markets post 

High frequency trading 

Level 2 Bid & Ask Basics video



Options Education

Basic Options 101 learning videos

The Option Guide

Getting Started Options

Why Invest in stock options?

Investor's Guide to trading Options

Option Learning Post 1

Option learning Post 2

Option Entry 1

Option Entry 2






energy transitions and investing in the weather



 Currency Trader 





DEMO ACCOUNTS  Forex ,Stocks & Options


Real Time Forex Charts



Futures Learning

Charts For Futures





Commodity Futures Trading for Beginners
 Futures Quotes - All in One 



Commodity Futures Charts
& Futures Quotes Menu



Commodities Futures Trading Commission*

*This is where one gets
Commitment of Traders and Bank Participation Data


Comprehensive Site For Metals Info


Commodity Trading School




Futures Trading Course

Introducing commodities & futures markets

For those learning about commodities or options trading, this is a valuable educational resource. From a short description of the origins of commodities trading .. to an in depth discussion of commodity market trading and description of the inner workings of a modern commodity exchange, this twelve-part course provides a wealth of information.

A twelve part short course to get you started:

  1. A Brief History of Futures Trading
    What Is Traded in Futures Markets?
    Futures Exchanges - A look inside
    The Futures Contract
    Market Pressures - Why futures prices change
    Who Trades Futures and Why
    The Clearing House
    Market News and Analysis
    Taking A Position
    Taking Delivery
    Options on Futures
    A Safety Net (of sorts)

For more free learning materials, visit the Learning Center


Tax Q&A





 Please note to ATM board rule # 8 

The Penny Stock Epidemic - The Tangled Web They Weave
Pink Sheets scams may give investors nightmares

Understand these rules and you might have a shot in OTC land

A penny stock heads up

It's only a loss if you sell

The story of why you see pump & dumps
Pump N Dumps educational video 1

Pump N Dumps educational video 2
Dilution learning post


Pond fishing by lowtrade...

Please be sure to check out, person mark and board mark lowtrade, a lot of great learning here!





More great Education ihub boards!





Suggested Books and/or other reading/researching materials and techniques:

The Complete Trading For A Living by Dr. Alexander Elder:

Entries & Exits Visits to Sixteen Trading Rooms by Dr. Alexander Elder:

The Market Maker's Edge by Josh Lukeman:

Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits by Philip A. Fisher:

Recommend ALL 3 Peter Lynch Books:
***Learn to Earn: A Beginner's Guide to the Basics of Investing and Business.
***Beating the Street.
***One Up On Wall Street- How To Use What You Already Know To Make Money In The Market.

ProOnline Traders DVD - Learn To Trade Like A Pro:




ATM Board Rules                                                              



1. ZERO spamming, pumping, "to the moon!",etc. will be tolerated! MODS will delete as soon as they see it!
2. PLEASE do not post something like "What do you think about XXXX stock." If you want to know others opinion it is only polite to state your opinion with some
kind of reasons why. Example - "I am looking to get into XXXX stock because it has acquired YYYY and the new business model should cut costs. Is $12.00 a good
entry point IYO?"
4. Opinions contrary to mine or yours are ENCOURAGED!
5. All are encouraged to contribute.
6. Please remember that this board is for people that will have varied approaches to wealth accumulation. Some day traders, swing traders, technical traders,
long term investors, etc. All types and what is good for me may not be good for you!
7. Everything posted here is OPINION and you should do your own research and make your own decisions. You are responsible for your money - no one else!

 8.Please only post about FULLY REPORTING companies,We do not want this board to become part of all the pinksheet promotions ...



         Charts for All Things Money




  Dow Jones Industrial Average 





Dow Jones News.



                   S&P 500 Daily

             Nasdaq 100 Index Daily


S&P 500 News

Nasdaq 100 News





S&P 500 Weekly

Nasdaq 100 Index Weekly




Gold News

Silver News




















  All of us here at ATM really hope you take something with you from our ibox
Thank you for stopping by be sure to add ATM to you favorites! 



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#84916   GM and happy weekend sweetE ! EZ2 03/24/17 07:31:25 AM
#84915   gm griff, thx for the GDX chart. any goforthebet 03/24/17 07:23:05 AM
#84914   Today's Markets gm all goforthebet 03/24/17 07:21:33 AM
#84913   LOL ~~~ GM !! EZ2 03/24/17 06:08:04 AM
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#84911   $NAMO / $NYMO Alert thingy griff 03/23/17 05:51:54 PM
#84910   Thanks, that's me. capgain 03/23/17 05:49:46 PM
#84909   Cap, Thought of you when I read this, pretty griff 03/23/17 05:46:53 PM
#84908   I hear ya, I thought they were going capgain 03/23/17 05:43:58 PM
#84907   Yea, I was trying to keep up on griff 03/23/17 05:31:37 PM
#84906   Anytime. capgain 03/23/17 04:22:27 PM
#84905   I'll try, thanks for the tip. **D*A** 03/23/17 04:21:55 PM
#84904   Not too bad of a day, after yesterday. capgain 03/23/17 04:05:26 PM
#84903   It's a miracle. I didn't lose anything on capgain 03/23/17 04:04:11 PM
#84902   Market doesn't like the news so far today. capgain 03/23/17 03:48:54 PM
#84901   Just eat it soon. capgain 03/23/17 03:48:00 PM
#84900   That's really cool, trip of a lifetime for most. capgain 03/23/17 03:47:24 PM
#84899   Thanks for the heads up,'s hard as **D*A** 03/23/17 03:42:08 PM
#84898   They went out off the coast of NC, **D*A** 03/23/17 03:40:46 PM
#84897   Have to eat it fresh. They don't freeze capgain 03/23/17 03:35:31 PM
#84896   That's Awesome Derrick, Those things are worth big capgain 03/23/17 03:33:26 PM
#84895   Hey Cap, my son just came back from **D*A** 03/23/17 03:29:44 PM
#84894   Imagine that? capgain 03/23/17 03:20:35 PM
#84893   Good think i don't trade options for a living! capgain 03/23/17 03:17:37 PM
#84892   Valeant CEO Joseph Papa Was Paid $62.7 Million EZ2 03/23/17 09:47:41 AM
#84891   Wow, that is crazy!! No wonder folks dislike MossyOak 03/23/17 08:32:46 AM
#84890   <<<<.....Valeant Pharmaceuticals Exec VP Christina M. Ackermann Received EZ2 03/23/17 08:32:02 AM
#84889   imo it would be totally stupid to break goforthebet 03/23/17 08:24:23 AM
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#84886   iShares Trust Russell 2000 Index Fund: Pivot points (TheFlyOnTheWall) EZ2 03/23/17 08:19:32 AM
#84885   Great example as to WHY.....I 'almost' voted for EZ2 03/23/17 08:12:15 AM
#84884   iShares Silver Trust: Pivot points (TheFlyOnTheWall) EZ2 03/23/17 08:10:30 AM
#84883   Market Vector Gold Miners: Pivot points (TheFlyOnTheWall) EZ2 03/23/17 08:10:00 AM
#84882   United States Oil Fund: Pivot points (TheFlyOnTheWall) EZ2 03/23/17 08:09:30 AM
#84881   SPDR Gold Trust: Pivot points (TheFlyOnTheWall) EZ2 03/23/17 08:03:03 AM
#84880   thx EZ. weather could be better. Thought I goforthebet 03/23/17 07:58:03 AM