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This board is for discussion of "THE GRAND CANNABIS SALAMI "portfolio  

                 C A N N
R   M        B      C
N   M                   O
H   J                      A


The True Story about how the "GRAND CANNABIS SALAMI" Started

I am attempting to construct a portfolio of OTC MJ stocks that can achieve returns of 1000%-2000% or greater due to the 2016 election season, where 5 states are voting on the legalization of recreational cannabis -- CA, NV, AZ, ME, MA

This summer I decided that I wanted to assemble the best MJ stock portfolio for the upcoming fall election mania we are sure to see in the cannabis sector.
Since history tends to repeat itself and is often a great guide to the future, I figured the best way to do so would be to take a deep look into what transpired during the last sector bubble, so I spent approximately 500 hours analyzing the mechanistics of the 2014 MJ sector explosion.

In a sense, I sought to reverse engineer the 2014 MJ mania to determine which specific factors possessed the greatest predictive capacity for identifying the stocks with the highest probability of delivering outsized returns -- I wanted to develop a comprehensive blueprint and subsequently pinpoint which components of the model would lead to the highest % gains for my MJ portfolio this fall.

So I reviewed each and every MJ stock and divided about 350 stocks into 4 quartiles by performance as judged by % gain from trough to peak.
I removed the stocks in the middle quartiles so I was left with the top performing quartile and the bottom performing quartile.
Then I performed a series of statistical analyses including discriminant function analysis and factor analysis, along with a variety of other mathematical simulations.
What remained was an algorithm that I hoped would be able to deliver me the absolute best returns in the upcoming 2016 MJ craze.

The exact findings of the model I developed are proprietary in nature, and for now must remain so, as I am always on the hunt for another SALAMI to add to my portfolio.
With that said, I will share a few of the 19 general factors that I have utilized to pick the stocks in THE GRAND SALAMI, the most elite collection of MJ stocks in existence.

Float size
Dollar Volume
Convertible Debt
Prior response to sector catalysts (including March/April 2016)
Shareholder loyalty

As you can see, the last 2 factors I mentioned on the list are subjective.
I firmly believe that any really comprehensive predictive model must incorporate both objective measures and subjective measures; as long as the subjective characteristics can be assigned a numerical value, they can be seamlessly incorporated into the model.
I felt the finished product had a number of rough edges so I used my best judgment to finely tune the results, handcrafting the final rendition of THE GRAND SALAMI.
As a big believer in diversification, my initial intention was to include the top 8 stocks; however, I found there to be too large a gap between the 5th ranked and the 6th-8th ranked stocks, so I made the call to limit THE GRAND SALAMI to 5 stocks..

THE GRAND SALAMI is a work of both painstaking scientific precision and creative artistic license.

A Few Rules of the Board
I don't want this board to become a place where people just post random pot stocks like every other MJ message board.
That seems to be a recipe for lousy discussion.
I really want to focus our discussion on THE GRAND SALAMI, so try to keep your comments about these  5 SALAMI stocks.
This is not a place to advertise your favorite ticker -- those types of posts will be promptly removed.
If you really feel that a stock may merit consideration for inclusion in THE GRAND SALAMI, based on some of the criteria I listed above, you can post it for discussion -- but be aware that I have already reviewed and analyzed every pot stock in existence, so unless things have seriously changed since this summer, it is doubtful that stock is a SALAMI.
I am far more interested in evaluating new tickers that pop up this fall.

Cheapest shares bought in the summer of 2016:

AMMJ     0.085
CNAB     0.156
MCOA    0.0035
GRNH    0.038
CANN     0.68

UP 2407% at the peak.

SALAMI stock performance at its peak 11 /02/2016

AMMJ  2194%
CNAB  1727% 
MCOA  3300%







This Board is made up of like minded investors.

Luke 12:48

But the one who does not know and does things deserving punishment will be beaten with few blows.
From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded;
and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.






Sleek has asked VERAX, BADGUY and me to take care of the site for the foreseeable future. 

He is on vacation

We have restored "The GRAND CANNABIS SALAMI " back to the original 5... 

I feel that our best days are STILL AHEAD OF US... 

Just not sure when we will surpass the highs we just had

Lets make this the "Come to Site on the I-Hub for CANNABIS TICKERS that out preform the rest of the pack. 

Good Luck to all. 



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